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How To Help A Malnourished Cat — 2 Comments

  1. GREAT information. One desperately malnourished cat I brought in a long time ago did start to respond to careful feeding, but I made the mistake of letting a neighbor take him to the vet while I went to work. She and the vet decided, against my express demand, to put him down! Never again will I trust a neighbor to do anything. “What, my house is on fire? Just stay away alright!” I don’t know what it is but neighbors always seem to do things differently than I would.

    • I would sue the vet for malpractice and file a complaint with whoever can take away their license. I would also see what I could to punish the neighbor. It sounds like the neighbor totally planned this ahead of time and tricked you or they would have called you. I bet the neighbor lied to the vet and told the vet you wanted this. Cat haters are evil. I an sure she tricked you. It would take a lot for me not to totally beat the neighbor to a pulp if she did that to my cat and I woukd tell her you stay away from me or I will consider you an intruder and you can figure out the rest.

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