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  1. Thanks for the advice! My youngest, Cleo, has somewhat of a mental problem with food. She was trapped in a company’s truck engine compartment for five days without food or water before she was released.

    After her release, my husband brought her home. She is the life of the party! Very interested in everyone and everything.

    Unfortunately, when she hears or smells food, she reverts back to her starvation mode and wants to eat. I keep dry food down so she and her “brother” can nibble at will. I also give them wet food when he asks for it. He is 11 and deserves whatever he wants.

    Cleo’s appetite has come under some control over her five year lifespan, but her weight has not. Strangely, she does not eat all the time. She will even turn food away if she is full. Hopefully, her weight issue is due to lack of exercise. We are trying to encourage her to play more.

    Cleo is the blue Korat, and Rex is the tabby. This was taken before she gained too much weight. 🙂

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