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How to keep cats off cars — 49 Comments

  1. I have never had a cat sit on my car….as far as I know..because I have a Hyundai H-1 and they can’t climb it. Just don’t get me started on pigeons!

  2. I have a neighborhood cat that gets on the roof of my car and he has never scratched my car – unlike disrespectful humans.
    I don’t know who Jim is but he talks much like a psychopath. Again, cats causing problems can be directly linked back to humans but perhaps Jim can only attack what he can bully or what he is not facing.
    If these 2 poisons affect cats and only cats why are they vermin poison?
    Yes, we have cats in the neighborhood however we do not have vermin and I’ll take cats over vermin any day of the week.

    • Jim is a psychopath πŸ˜‰ I really like your comment because you make the very important point that cats rarely scratch cars. People scratch cars far more often. Someone hit my car today while I was driving my cat to the vet! I was in a queue at the time waiting for the lights to change; )

      • How awful Michael! As if it’s not bad enough going to the vets, I always worry if we have a cat in the car incase some idiot hits us, as so many drive now as if they haven’t a minute to wait.

        • It was on a main road too. I was waiting at traffic lights and he hit me in the rear. My car was shunted into the car in front. Shook us up. Fortunately the impact was fairly slow so only very slight damage. I won’t bother claiming for it. The driver is a psychiatrist!

          • Sorry to hear about your car being bumped Michael and so glad it wasn’t worse, bad enough when you were stressed out about the vets to start with, I hope you’re both ok today. I have been lucky three times in that way, bumped from behind twice when I was on my own in the car and once on a driving lesson! No real damage any of the three times. I hope the driver who bumped you analyses his own driving!

  3. Here’s our boy Walter sitting on his (our own) car enjoying watching over his territory doing no harm to man or beast or car, save your bullets Woody for the scum that break into cars or syphon petrol off they are the real menaces.

        • He gets a wonderful bath sometimes at a little local place where some unemployed people had the idea to start a car washing service, so we all try to support them and it’s doing well.
          It’s lovely siting in the car with the foam, then the clean water coming over, I’m so tempted to open the window and be washed too lol

        • Not long since he had a bath Dee because I parked in a car park under some trees and it rained and when I went back he was covered all over in some sticky substance that must have come from the leaves, so he was desperate. It costs us Β£3.50 for a really good bath and wheel wash for him which according to a currency converter is 5.69USD so we think now and again he deserves a treat for carrying us wherever we want to go.

  4. Just want to note that, in my entire lifetime, I have never had a cat scratch my car.
    They really don’t do it. They don’t like slick surfaces.
    Raccoons are another story.

  5. The world leave should be live. I just feel that if material things are that precious to you they should be kept under lock and key to avoid all animals and acts of mother nature for starters.
    I also honk my horn before starting my car to startle any temporary residents under the hood.

  6. I, personally, use a tarpaulin. I think Woodylnad would be a disgusting place to leave and am glad I do not reside there. I find the incidents caused by 4 legged creatures more tolerable over 2 legged creatures to say the least.

  7. Hint: It’s not the responsibility of the property owner to keep your cat off of their property. They shouldn’t have to expend even 1-cent nor even 1-second of their lives to make accommodations for your lack of responsibility and neglect and disrespect for all other lives on earth.

    It’s far far easier to shoot or poison your cat for you than trying to explain this to you. Then you wonder why that is now the outcome.

    • Hi there, Jimbo.
      Ofcourse, a cat putting a paw print on a car would be worthy of a death sentence in your world.
      Actually, there really doesn’t have to be an excuse to kill a cat in Woodyland.

    • I feel the same damn way about bird droppings on my car.
      Putting poison out for cats also has an affect on those flying creatures, since they swoop down to partake.
      Along with the fallen cats I’ve picked up, I have witnessed birds just falling flat from the sky.
      Good job, Jimbo!

          • Not riled in the least. (And I still find it highly amusing that you think I’m your “Jimbo”.) I know how to solve any cat problem anywhere on earth. It’s what I do, educate everyone around the world on how to do it the right way, the permanent way, the cost-effective way. Permanently getting rid of any cat is of no greater emotional involvement than plinking a can off of a fence-rail.

            I just wanted you to know, that it is precisely because of your arrogant, self-serving, and phenomenally disrespectful values that all stray cats are now being shot and poisoned to death. If you want to find the cause of that, look no further than your nearest mirror.

            By the way, there are two very popular vermin poisons that are being used everywhere today that are totally harmless to all other species EXCEPT being 100% fatal to cats only. (You’d know this if you put your head any other place than up some cat’s a**.) No other animals have to suffer due to your ugly values — just your cats.

            • I just wanted you to know, that it is precisely because of your arrogant, self-serving, and phenomenally disrespectful values

              Don’t you think your attitude is disrespectful and arrogant? I do. Your comments are always arrogant and insulting.

      • And, their poo is so nasty and acidic that it eats right through the paint. What is your solution for that, Jimbo? Should we borrow one of your guns?

        As always, you won’t answer. You are a pathetic wimp who won’t engage in discussion when you are in the wrong. You can only vomit canned responses.

  8. Well had a situition the other day, Ozzie jumped on the Car front When I was about to take Off, with a Lady that works with me. I think he was Prob wandering how come Im going out again πŸ™ I had to tap on the Window and Get out to get him to Move which he did. Plus usually When he Hears Car Noises He scooters off. Was a Very unusual Experience has havent seen him do that before. As Im more around these days and Not so much Rob which he finds sad. He misses us in the Morning. As he used to Greet us. So I try as muchu as possible to give him lots of attention when I see him at the gate.

  9. Good grief!
    When I can transfer photos from my camera again, I’ll post a pic of my car that is covered in paw prints, windshield included.
    I could care less. If I go out and absolutely need to see through the windshield, I’ll just get the water hose, a cloth, and wipe it down. It’s not worth stressing about when it is a constant. Wipe down today, back tomorrow…

      • Have been out of my mind busy, Kaylee.
        But, helping with TNR is a joy for me, but hard work.
        What I love best is when some of the cats are still groggy after being neutered, and I can pet and even kiss some knowing that it may be a one shot deal, once in a lifetime event for all.

    • lol sounds about like our car Dee, his name is Will, outside cats are welcome to sit on his bonnet or his roof anytime and Narla often does. Madeye likes her dinner underneath.
      If we are ever going out we thoroughly check for cats anywhere on, under, or around Will.
      It only takes a bit of common sense to know that cars are replaceable, cats are not.

  10. The problem here with keeping cats off cars in a very cold climate, is cats crawling up onto the warm motor from underneath the car. The local news runs reports all winter long of kitties who went for hundred mile rides, and that’s the lucky ones. I have heard the horror stories of those who got caught up in the fan belt and died a horrible death. My advice in these cases is to knock on your hood before starting the engine. Scare any potential kitties out from under there…

  11. Put a car cover on your car in many areas in the U.S. and you’ll find it stolen off by morning πŸ™‚

    Our Gizzy would get in the back seat of an old car I have parked here. So any time she’d escape I’d roll the window down and that’s where she would wait.

    I have an aunt who has a fit if a cat gets on her car. Technically we don’t have any outdoor cats anymore but neighborhood strays leave their little muddy footprints. It all comes off at the car wash.

  12. We’ve had this carry on in the past where we live, not with our own cats because they don’t sit on other people’s cars because when they were young we used to lift them off every time they did so, this is because when they are out we keep ourselves aware of whereabouts they are and what they are doing, we don’t just shut the door and forget about them, they sometimes sit on our own car but mostly when we have lifted them up there, the problem here was that cats left out in the cold have wanted to sit on hot bonnets to warm themselves through, but of course there was the outcry of scratching the precious metal objects. If we have seen other people’s cats on cars we’ve also lifted them off for the sake of harmony and keeping the cats out of trouble. I have no time for people who make Gods of their cars but some people do worship the mighty motor over and above animals, fools that they are.

    No cat should be declawed to preserve the bodywork of cars, apart from the fact that it wicked for cats to be mutilated in this way, a cat that has been crippled by declawing should never be outdoors where cars are, otherwise it is at risk of being mauled to death because it cannot defend itself.

    I seriously want to punch anyone who would contemplate declawing a cat for any reason and that now includes protecting car paintwork, that is a new one on me to add to the sickening list of excuses that already exists

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