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How to Keep Your House Clean When You’re Owned by a Cat — 5 Comments

  1. I bought a Bissell One Step vacuum cleaner for my carpets. It’s amazing the amount of cat hair that bad boy pulls up. I use baking soda for the litter and I have the usual assortment of dust catchers and chemical free cleaners. Samirah has her My Kitty Tongue Glove for the excess hair, but being a cranky old miss she sometimes wants no part of it. If I’d wanted my apartment to look like a showcase I wouldn’t have gotten a cat.

  2. Michael you got me chuckling here thinking about other ways to keep the house clean. And I totally agree with your statement that “people and animals are more important than a super neat, tidy house”, although I think I would change the priorities to “animals and people. LOL.

    When we moved into our home in Florida I begged Marty to have darker colored carpets. He wanted light colored carpets- a huge mistake when cats upchuck- it’s so hard to get the stains out. So I highly recommend a darker colored carpet. I think this is crucial for our sanity:)

    Just so you know!

  3. I agree with most of what Michael shares, except for the kitchen counter part. I have a thing about being sanitary where food is prepped. My cat has only jumped up a couple of times, and I chased her down, with a “no”. None of my cats have been counter jumpers. The stove is near the counter, and a cat couldn’t tell if the stove was still hot from cooking, or if the oven was on. So, it’s also a safety issue for me. I
    would feel so badly if my cat burned her paws.

    I feed her on top of my dresser, for two reasons: it keeps the food safe from my roommate’s cat, and it gives Mitzy exercise. I started doing it when she was ill, and I would lift her. As she began to feel better, it became a clue to me that she was feeling better and stronger. It’s also easier for me not to have to bend so much.

    I’ve also put her litter box up on a small stair platform, which is also helpful for me, since I had to kneel to clean it before.

    Although I brush her daily, her long fur ends up everywhere. I do use a towel or small blanket to hold and cuddle her while brushing, trimming nails, cleaning ears or whatever, which helps a little.

    Overall, my attitude is that people and animals are more important than a super neat, tidy house. When I had children, they learned to put away toys when done playing with them. It was just part of teaching them responsibility. But cats are like babies, and that means we have to clean up after them. It’s up to us to learn what works best for our individual situation.

  4. Easy answer, you don’t! I eat wear and sleep with cat hair. She is an indoor cat so I really don’t mind, unlike the Dog she always smells good. Just part of having a cat in the family.

  5. Keeping up is a hard job.
    I don’t think that I’ve ever had less than 4-5 cats at one time in my life.
    In a multi-cat household, someone is always peeing, pooing, throwing up, shredding something, rough housing so the water dishes are overturned, stealing and hiding something, etc. etc.
    It all involves moving from one crisis to another efficiently.
    There are days when I don’t have time to retrieve, much less read, my mail.
    I have created my own version of a cleanup belt (fashioned from an old tool belt)that holds my clorox cleanup, sponges, rags, glass cleaner (noses pressed to mirrors and glass) and, ofcourse, catnip toys for diversion from what I need to do. It’s strapped to me for hours at a time.
    Because I have some indoor/outdoor cats, my kitchen floor and counters need to be cleaned at least 3 times a day.
    And, as always, I carry my Damon in tote during most everything because he can’t be trusted for more than 5 minutes.
    But, it’s very possible to keep order and cleanliness if you have the desire and energy.

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