How to leave a cat in a car for a while on a hot day (picture)

This is a nice picture of a cat in a car in America on a hot day. The nice bit about the picture is that the man used a computer screen in the car to tell the world outside that the air conditioning was on and the temperature was a nice 71 degrees Fahrenheit. Cool idea (excuse the pun, please). This is smart because there are lot of people who would break into a car if they had to to save a cat or dog from dying in the superheated condition of a car interior on a hot day. Note: the car is a Tesla and it is in ‘pet mode‘.

Cat in hot car with air conditioning on
Cat in hot car with air conditioning on. Photo: user: Sploinksy.
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Another nice touch to this story is that the guy says that he was transporting this attractive cat (his girlfriend’s) across country for 30 hours and the cat was ‘screaming and freaking out a lot’. The vet had prescribed Xanax for the cat but apparently it was doing no good. Actually it did the opposite to calming her down.

For the last five hour leg he stopped giving the cat Xanax and the cat, ‘slept the whole time and did not make a sound’.

This makes a nice point: tranquillisers can make things worse. In fact in some cats Xanax (alprazolam) can make them act crazy – ‘paradoxical reaction’.

‘But suddenly she was trying to climb up my body, hissing and growling, claws and teeth in action.’ – Maeve Connor. Her cat is Agnes on being given Xanax before going to the vet.

In a story on the cat became aggressive towards her owner and she became genuinely scared of what might happen. Moral: give tranquillizers to cats as a very last resort.

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