How to prepare for travel with your pet to any EU country whether the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal

The procedure for travelling with your pet to the EU appears to be off-putting in its complexity and troublesomeness once we leave the EU. Everything changes and it will inevitably be irritating. I am not going to repeat the damnable procedures on this page because Defra and the Animal and Plant Health Agency government departments explain it better than I can. Well, perhaps not but it’s pointless repeating it, I have decided. Also I’d advise cat and dog owners to contact their veterinarian. I am sure they’ll know the procedure and assist you in complying with it.

Pet travel from UK after Brexit

Therefore I’d suggest that you go to the government website to read up on this. One issue is the obvious one namely that the UK does not know at this time whether it will be able to negotiate a smooth transition into freedom from the EU rather than a no-deal scenario.

There is also the question as to how the EU regards us after finally leaving the EU at the end of the transition period. The government suggests that the UK is likely to be treated as an unlisted country if there is a no-deal Brexit. This would make things more troublesome.

The government website is continually updated and you can sign up to email alerts and Defra alerts from the government webpage. These are useful if you are serious about travelling with your cat or dog in the next 18 months. Plan well ahead, I would.


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