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How to prevent a cat bite from getting infected? — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve worked with animals of all different species for going on 50 years. I’ve been bitten by many cats and have never had a problem. I scrub the bite area with antibiotic soap and let the wounds heal on their own-which they do. The worst infection I ever got from an animal bite was from a dog. Keeping the wound scrubbed and dry has served me well all those years.

  2. I haven’t been bitten in many years but I’m a big believer in making it bleed a bit as soon as it happens. A lot of people suggest soaking in Epson salts in warm water after washing out the wound.

    My herbalist made a cream for a horrible abscess that came out of nowhere a few years ago. I had to rub it into the wound for 4 days. She said it would be healed on day 4. It was healed on day 3. I still don’t have a clue what she used in it. She’s very knowledgeable and the cream cost $15 for an ounce.

    • I am rarely bitten but Gabriel is pretty wild sometimes (feral cat heritage) and therefore more prone to hard play biting.

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