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How to take care of a male cat after neutering? — 4 Comments

  1. The vets I worked for neutered male cats in seconds, after removing the testicles via tiny incisions, they squeezed in topical antibiotic…all done. The cat slept off the anaesthetic and went home the same day. The females had a small incision in the side, the ovaries and uterus were removed and again topical antibiotic squeezed in and they stayed overnight. We didn’t have those horrible head cones those days, we painted the sutured wound with gentian violet to stop the cat licking it. It was wonderful for all kinds of other wounds too, such as bites. I don’t think they use it nowadays

    • Thanks a lot Ruth for sharing your experience. Much appreciated. I knew the operation was routine etc. but the speed of it has surprised me a bit. I hope you and yours are well.

    • So glad you mentioned gentian violet, R. It was a staple in many hospitals and had so many uses. It was even used for thrush.

  2. Because I do TNR, male neuterings are treated a little differently from females, since they don’t entail a major surgery.

    In their case, their testes are just cauterized down to nubs. And, any sort of infection or complication is rare.

    But here, males are given general anesthesia for the procedure. So, the only real precaution is to ensure that they are fully awake before releasing them. That may take some hours or overnight, because the males here are generally done last, after the females.

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