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How to Throw a ‘Pawsitively Purrfect’ Birthday Party for Your Kitty — 12 Comments

  1. Hey, there Pal Ruthie!– We have the same pitiful mindset. You want a Rolf de Bricassart (think Ms. McCullough spelled it that way) or – if you were a guy – a ‘Rima the Bird Girl?’ Don’t you know life usually is and – and cyberspace almost always – a swap fest?

    • Yes, thanks Ruth. It does not surprise me. They want to place links in the text. They are relevant links. It is free for me and in this case it was something light and frivolous which suite me 😉 I think the idea is not a bad one actually. Some people might like to do this sort of thing.

  2. I’ve never really thrown an official birthday party.
    Most cats I have ever had were just assigned birthdates, because their actual dates were unknown. So, Septmber 1 is a really big day here, where everyone gets baked chicken and a few treats.

  3. when we got our Singapura, we had been telling all our friends about it – one spirited lady threw us a “kitten shower”. About 20 people showed up and brought kitten toys and treats… of course there were refreshments for the guests! And our little boy did a spectacular job of entertaining the crowd with his antics with each toy. Sing’s are just as “active” an Abby’s and ours was no exception.

    • Your cat is superb. It looks quite feisty but that may just fleeting look. Good photo. You can see that beautiful ticked coat.

      I didn’t think anyone would comment on this. It was written by a guest writer.

      I am glad you did comment on your boy’s party. I didn’t know people did these.

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