How to Throw a ‘Pawsitively Purrfect’ Birthday Party for Your Kitty

You can’t quite believe it, but your beloved kitty is going to have another birthday soon. You still remember the day you brought your adorable little fluff ball home from the shelter. But now it’s a few years later, and your once-tiny kitten is now a full-grown cat who is your pride and joy. Why not throw a cat-themed birthday party for him or her? The following tips will help you to plan a memorable event for your furry feline friend:

Cat Party Time
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Cat Party Time

Plan the Guest List

Unlike dogs, who are typically happy to play with anything that moves, cats are a bit more finicky about who they choose to share time with. It’s probably not a great idea to invite a bunch of cats to your kitty’s birthday party, as it could turn into a territorial brouhaha. Instead, invite your cat-loving friends and family who have spent time with your kitty and love him or her (almost) as much as you do.

Think About a Theme

Birthday parties are especially fun when they have a theme, and a kitty birthday party is no exception. You could ask your guests to dress up in their favorite catty costume—anything from the Cat in the Hat to the Cowardly Lion and more—or you could provide plain party hats and a bunch of cat stickers and foam pieces and ask your guests to create their own festive hat.

Plan Your Decorations

Consider your cat’s personality and interests. If she has an affinity for tuna, then perhaps a nautical theme would be best, complete with a Pin the Tail on the Tuna game and albacore tuna melts for the guests. If he loves to chase his little foam basketballs and footballs around the house, then a sports theme might be in order. To make things as easy as possible, consider ordering a Birthday in a Box package from FTD; it includes party hats, balloons and more. Just be sure to keep all flowers away from your inquisitive kitty.

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Think About the Food

Your precious puss might adore sardines, lamb baby food and other cat-friendly treats, but this doesn’t mean you want to offer these things to your guests. Instead, think about human-friendly foods you can serve that still have a feline theme to them. For example, put out bowls of goldfish crackers and cupcakes adorned with plastic Hello Kitty rings. For the guest of honor, consider making a small “cake” out of moist cat food and topping it off with some turkey baby food “frosting.” A word of caution: Even though this is a special celebration, do not give the guest of honor any chocolate or a slice of the regular cake you’re serving to your guests. Chocolate is toxic to kitties, according to PetMD.

Plan for Presents

Your guests will probably want to bring along some type of gift. Since chances are good that your adorable kitty already has all the catnip and squeaky toys a boy or girl could ever want, you might want to ask your guests to bring along items that homeless cats can use. For example, bags of cat food, warm towels and blankets, toys and even cash donations will all be greatly appreciated by your local animal shelter, and once the party is over you can drive the items over and donate them in your cat’s honor.

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12 Responses

  1. Sylvia Ann says:

    Hey, there Pal Ruthie!– We have the same pitiful mindset. You want a Rolf de Bricassart (think Ms. McCullough spelled it that way) or – if you were a guy – a ‘Rima the Bird Girl?’ Don’t you know life usually is and – and cyberspace almost always – a swap fest?

  2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

    ‘I didn’t think anyone would comment on this. It was written by a guest writer’

    Michael I think many people had already just read this very similar article here:

    • Yes, thanks Ruth. It does not surprise me. They want to place links in the text. They are relevant links. It is free for me and in this case it was something light and frivolous which suite me 😉 I think the idea is not a bad one actually. Some people might like to do this sort of thing.

  3. kylee says:

    Wow I’ve never thought of that before. Makes you think I wander how they would cope with a Birthday Party.

  4. Dee (Florida) says:

    I’ve never really thrown an official birthday party.
    Most cats I have ever had were just assigned birthdates, because their actual dates were unknown. So, Septmber 1 is a really big day here, where everyone gets baked chicken and a few treats.

  5. Cass says:

    when we got our Singapura, we had been telling all our friends about it – one spirited lady threw us a “kitten shower”. About 20 people showed up and brought kitten toys and treats… of course there were refreshments for the guests! And our little boy did a spectacular job of entertaining the crowd with his antics with each toy. Sing’s are just as “active” an Abby’s and ours was no exception.

    • Your cat is superb. It looks quite feisty but that may just fleeting look. Good photo. You can see that beautiful ticked coat.

      I didn’t think anyone would comment on this. It was written by a guest writer.

      I am glad you did comment on your boy’s party. I didn’t know people did these.

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