How to train my cat to use litter (sand)

How to train my cat to use litter (sand)

by Moiz Afzal
(Islamabad Pakistan)

How can I train my cat to shit on the sand and get rid of his bad habits?


Hi Moiz..... Nice to hear from Pakistan! It is unusual to hear from Pakistan.

You are using sand as an area where your cat goes to the toilet.

In the west we use litter in litter trays. But the same rules apply.

Cats usually by instinct pick the best place to go to the toilet. Earth is the original toilet for the cat obviously. Sand is perfectly good.

The most obvious reason why a cat won't use the litter is that it is not clean enough and not in the right place. You might also consider changing the sand for a different type or even earth. If you can buy litter in Pakistan and can afford it you might try that. Cats have preferences (they like certain types of litter).

Is your cat a rescue cat (a cat that you found)? You might like to figure out what he used as litter before you kept him.

For a complete article on this subject please read this page:

Stopping the inappropriate elimination of cats

This article says that it is our problem.

If you want to translate the articles, go to Google translation here and cut and paste the text into the boxes.


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How to train my cat to use litter (sand)

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Jul 20, 2011 POO In litter tray
by: Susan

I can just make out ur photo. Do u have 2 cats. If U do, U must have 2 litter trays. I put 1 in my bathroom & the other tray in the spare room, away from their food. If u catch ur cat pooing on the floor pick him up put him in his litter tray try to keep doing this & if he does poo in the litter wait to see if he covers his poo then when he comes out of the litter tray make a fuss 'good boy' & give him something he likes to eat a treat. U will need patience but dont smack him he won't understand. If he poos on floor say NO & pick him up show him his poo get toilet paper & put in his litter tray & show him just keep doing that until he work it out but always clean trays as cats are so clean & u need 2 litter trays.

Jul 20, 2011 kindness and patience
by: Ruth

Moiz the most important thing of all is that you don't shout at or punish your cat because he will never learn that way, he will only become afraid of you.
Cats learn by being shown what you want them to do, so if you see yours doing his business where he shouldn't just gently lift him to his sand and when he uses it tell him what a good boy he is, then maybe give him a treat.
Just keep on doing this until he learns, it shouldn't take long, you only need to be kind and patient as cats are very intelligent.
Good luck

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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