How to verify mystery big cat sightings

On a quiet news day we have mystery big cat sightings. There is one in Australia at present. report a dramatic, black, mystery cat at least five times the size of a domestic cat only, as is always the case, the video record is of such appalling quality that we can’t tell what the hell is going on.

How to verify big cat sightings
This is the Blue Mountains of Australia big cat five times larger than a feral cat.
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However, I think I have come up with a nice test to verify if a mystery big sighting is truly a big cat or a wandering moggie as is always the case.

When there is video ‘evidence’ we can see how the animal walks. Domestic cats walk in relatively dainty, light and quick way compared to the big cats. Large wild cat species such as the puma, leopard (escaped), jaguar etc., which are the most likely big cats to be roaming around in the US, walk in a more ponderous, swaggering manner. It has to be like this because of their size.

Returning to the ‘Mysterious catlike creature, five times size of feral cat, caught on film‘ we see what is positively a domestic cat. The cat’s gait is far removed from the gait of a large wild cat. All cat owners know how their cats walk. It is fundamentally different to that of the big boys; that big cat swagger giving the impression the cat is weary with the forepaws flopping down. The domestic cat picks her way through the undergrowth in a precise, relatively speedy manner.

The next time you see a video of a humongous, mysterious cat-like creature ask if he walks like a domestic cat. You’ll find that he does because all these sightings are domestic and feral cats and sometimes small-to-medium sized wild cats such as the bobcat or lynx.

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    • There is a video which I could not show on the site as it could not be embedded and it looks like a domestic cat! The whole thing is ridiculous. Thanks Cat’s Meow.


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