How to Wash a Cat

How to Wash a Cat

by Michael
(London, UK)

The Cat Washing Machine. What kind of mind can invent this sort of thing?

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The Cat Washing Machine. What kind of mind can invent this sort of thing?

I have washed my cat once and that was because she fell into a tub of white emulsion paint. At the time I was painting the walls of the bathroom with that solid paint you can buy nowadays. My lady cat (a girl then) jumped up onto the edge of the bath and slipped and fell sideways into the slab of paint. It was all down her side and before long, after she raced off towards the bedroom, it was all down the walls and on the carpet and..well, everywhere really.

So, I plonked her into a sink and for the first and last time immersed her in the water, washed off the paint and dried her. She spent the next 30 minutes washing herself. While she did this (putting her smell back on herself) her brother hissed at her not recognizing her for the first time in his life. For an instant she was a complete stranger to him.

For me, this story pretty much tells me all I need to know about how to wash a cat. The answer is don't unless there is a medical reason for it (fleas or say mange requiring an insecticide wash) or you are showing your cat when a beautiful fluffy coat helps to win prizes.

But, someone has invented a machine, like a washing machine/tumble drier that is designed to wash cats and dogs commercially. You can see this horrible (some people find it hilarious) video on YouTube:

A lot of people think that this is how to wash a cat

It is a poor quality video because I think it is reworked. Anyway it has been seen a lot indicating an interest in what is a form of cat torture.

We all know that cats wash themselves. They are famous for it. So why put them in a commercial washing machine that terrifies them and apparently entertains us? It is like washing laundry and that is what it is all about. People are reducing the cat companion to an inanimate object again just as they do when they instruct a vet to declaw their cat.

Someone spent a lot of time and money inventing this infernal machine and they were completely misguided I think.

But, if you want to understand the state of mind of a substantial percentage of the population in respect of cats just read the comments. Here are just two:

lol i love putting cats in water so much fun

this is a more efficient way to wash your cats. it's not abusing them, so it's ok. it's a better way than having your cat rip up your arms

Of course, a lot of people don't like it. But a decent number don't mind and that is disturbing, I think.

We still have a long way to go before people are sensitive towards nature and our fellow creatures. Humankind can be terribly cruel towards non-human animals.

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See the original on YouTube

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How to Wash a Cat

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Dec 17, 2010 Disgraceful!
by: Anonymous

People who think this is funny are sick!

Mar 03, 2010 Torture
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

This is horrible! I wonder how people would feel if someone put THEM in a washing machine and turned it on, followed by a blow dry! Despicable.

Feb 26, 2010 To anyone who would like to bath their cat
by: Maggie Sharp

Although Michael's case was different, in the case of a cat that is smelly or something, and generally needs a bath, the BEST way to do it is to brush dry shampoo through the cat's fur. It's not at all stressful, it doesn't include water, and the cat gets a nice brush and a good looking coat!

I believe washing cats with water in unecessary, even for show cats...

Feb 26, 2010 How cruel
by: Sue

I'd like to put the inventor of this cruel machine inside one and turn on the scalding water.
I'd be a bit more lenient with the people who out of ignorance think cats need to be bathed.
I'd put them in too but only turn icy cold water on them.
Show people I'd pretty up and put them in cages to be examined by strangers,stared at and talked about,I'd let them earn their own fame and glory instead of using their cats to obtain it.

Feb 26, 2010 Neither can I
by: Jane A

I can't bring myself to watch this either.There are many forms of abuse and this is another one. As everyone else has said,you don't bath cats.They bath themselves unless covered in something which will harm them.
Flea baths are another form of abuse, cats have suffered in laboratories to perfect the drop on the neck flea treatment,now simple and effective, no stress for the cat.
Those poor cats suffered in vain as long as people carry on buying outdated,unkind and sometimes even dangerous flea treatments such as flea baths and collars.
I'm tired of people having cats in their lives without knowing how to treat them properley.

Feb 26, 2010 I'm not alone.
by: Joyce Sammons

its a relief knowing you can't watch the video. I can't bring myself to watch it either.

Feb 26, 2010 I agree
by: Rose

I'm livid too at this cruel torture chamber and just like Babz sick to the back teeth of cats being used and abused.
Isn't there some saying about those who stand by and watch cruelty being just as cruel as those doing it?
Well then, where are all the cat lovers to let these things happen?
There are some marvellous people come on here who fight cruelty every day of their lives,why doesn't everyone who says they love cats do this?
Ignorance is rife amongst people who profess to know about and love cats.The power of having a helpless animal to treat in any way at all maybe makes them feel good?
It has to stop,cats have to be treated as cats should, to live fully clawed, self cleansing, peaceful lives, as is their right.

Feb 26, 2010 I get so tired of cat abusers
by: Babz

I haven't watched this video but I saw it or something like it sometime ago and I was saddened and disgusted and very angry. I am so fed up of this casual abuse of cats, any moron can obtain a cat and do pretty much whatever they want to it and nobody bats an eyelid, they rive the ends of it's feet off and they stuff it in a washing machine and yet they are not arrested for cruelty...WHY? How has it come to be that someone stands by and allows a person they know to abuse a cat? If I knew anyone who had or used one of these disgusting instruments of torture I would make it my business to swipe the darned thing off the shelf and onto the floor and completely trash it. Allowing this sort of insane cruelty is tantamount to condoning it. Laughing at or enjoying watching an animal's fear and discomfort is monstrous.
Cats do not need to be bathed unless in extreme circumstances where they cannot clean themselves, as in the case of Michaels cat who was covered in paint. I do not believe in showing cats therefore needless to say I do not agree with bathing "show" cats, this is my personal opinion and if it upsets anyone then I'm sorry but I think cats are dignified creatures and should not be put in cages and gawped at for human pleasure or one upmanship.

Barbara avatar

Feb 26, 2010 Heartless moron
by: Edward

The inventor of this disgusting contraption is a heartless moron and nothing less man.
The stuff people do to their cats has me a grown man,in tears.
Ive had cats all my life,was born into a cat loving household.I still have cats now and we never did and never will bath them.
When will people learn cats come with rough tongues to clean themselves.They bath them and then the poor cat has to begin all over again, washing the fur that he would have washed anyway.He has to try to get his own scent back on himself by doing this.
As for showing cats,well man Im sorry for the poor things bathed and brushed and carted off to sit on show. All for the ego of the shower.
Man it upsets me.Cats should be allowed to be cats.

Feb 26, 2010 Another way of abusing cats
by: Ruth

I couldn't watch the video as at present I can't take much more of peoples cruelty to cats ! But I have seen a similar one a while back in which the terrified cat was subjected to an uneccessary bath. A person who invents something like this must hate cats very much ! Cats hate to be trapped to begin with and being bombarded with water must send them half crazed with fear.
A cat should NEVER be bathed unless as in Michael's cat's case to remove paint or another substance the cat can't clean off himself.
Bathing destroys the natural oils in a cat's fur, I have this on good authority from the wise and kind vets I worked for, although some UNtrained people deny it's true.Those trained and caring vets(how I wish the old days of them caring about animals, not money, were still here ) also condemned flea baths and no wonder as we had a number of cases of cats ill, poisoned by licking their fur after being bathed in toxic stuff.Flea coilars are as bad yet people blithely go on using and recommending these dangerous things.
I don't agree with cats being bathed to be 'prettied up' either.
When will everyone realise that cats are NOT possessions,they are cats, they were born to be cats, they like being cats and living a cat's life.
They are NOT baby humans to be treated as baby humans and they are not toys to be played with either.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Feb 26, 2010 That's beyond cruelty...
by: Maggie Sharp

My gosh, how disgusting! I didn't see any humour in that, why, I watched a terrified cat freaking out because it's in an unknown environment and there's water randomly appearing out of it, the cat doesn't know where it's coming from, and it must have been so stressed when it couldn't find a way out... My friend taught me how to wash cats, you've got to be quick and thorough, yet gentle. (This is for show cats, they generally get washed 3 or 4 days before a show...)

The mental disturbance in which that cat probably suffers from is wrong, unnecessary and has no form of humour to it in the slightest...

Feb 26, 2010 Bathing a cat
by: Bob

The last time I bathed a cat, I was the one who was abused. It was my Dodge, he had fleas. Imagine the fun of bathing a feral cat with a bad attitude. The hissing, spitting, and growling... not to mention the gnashing of teeth and the claws... I felt like I was in a horror movie! I got shredded, and he got wet. But the only fatalities were the fleas. In the end, it was worth it to give him relief from their wrath. But I NEVER want to have to do it again!!

Feb 25, 2010 No Problem/Major Problem
by: Joyce Sammons

My daughter has to be the worlds best cat washer. Lola and Furby have each had 2 baths. The first bath was for fleas. Lola loved it and I filmed it. Notice it only took a few minutes.

Furby was a different story. He was covered in fleas and very bony. I didn't film him but I should have. He nailed Laura's finger and refused to let go. I thought we'd never get him off her finger. We still have to warn everyone he doesn't play nibble. Guess thats the difference in him being a feral. He loves water but on his terms.

There is a permanent desperation in certain things he does. He'll play 'pawsy' on his back but keep away from the teeth.

He had 1 more bath after the abscess deal and he enjoyed it. My daughter is great in the bath department. She has a dog who gets a bath every few weeks but that's to get rid of the doggy smell. Even indoor dogs get stinky.

Cats-of course-don't need routine baths. I use cider vinegar for skin problems and fleas and even the vinegar doesn't make them smell bad. Cats are SO perfect.

Part of a bath is the loving hands involved. No machine can replace this.

Feb 25, 2010 Painful To Watch
by: Merrily

It is hard to understand why some people treat animals so badly. This video was horrible, the cat was terrified.

I have over the years seen so many animals that have been terribly abused. One comes to mind, a rescue cat at PetSmart, she was a beautiful white cat with emerald green eyes. All over her face were scars obviously made from cigarette burns, at least ten of them.

It was hard to imagine what this poor cat went through, and even more difficult to think about the person who would do this to a living being.

Cats seem to be the animal of choice for most abusers, perhaps because they are small. My heart breaks for all of them, I wish I could save them, they only ask for love, and give so much in return.

Hopefully in California this will change, a bill was recently purposed that animal abusers would be put on a statewide list the same as Child molestors so once they have been caught abusing an animal they can never adopt from a shelter again. It would be a start.

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