How vulnerable the human psyche is to indoctrination

How vulnerable the human psyche is to indoctrination
How vulnerable the human psyche is to indoctrination
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This is the classic North Korea video of citizens sinking into paroxysms of uncontrolled adoration within extreme distress of their beloved leader (the father of the current leader) who had just died. All their lives they were taught that their leader, a dictator who abused his citizens, was a near God to be worshipped. You can teach people anything over time. It changes the brain chemistry to the point where their beliefs are wholly distorted and fixed like cement for the rest of lives. It looks mad to me and I think to 99% of other people. But the indoctrinated are entirely blind to it.

So why is this video relevant to cat caregiving! 😒😻 Well, it is relevant to everything. Look at the worship of Trump for instance. His fans are aggressively vociferous in his support. It is near worship of a God-like creature. He has got them to that euphoric state through his oratory and perhaps their dislike of conventional politicians. He is a good speaker although for me he can talk a load of hogwash sometimes.

Take a look at these Trump supporters and see the similarity in extreme emotion that they are experiencing to the North Koreans:

Trump supporters at a rally
Trump supporters at a rally

And what about sport hunting? I have just written about kids being mentally damaged by it. Kids taught by their moms and dads to shoot deer for fun from an early age totally lose their ability to be sensitive to the sentience of animals. A child’s natural gentleness and sensitivity towards animals is squashed by their parents’ love of sport hunting which they so desperately want to pass onto their son or daughter.

The child becomes indoctrinated into believing that shooting animals for pleasure is entirely acceptable. And they will never listen to anyone who tells them otherwise. The power of indoctrination and a testament to the vulnerability of the human psyche to being moulded and manipulated into believing something which is wrong and bad for them and the world as a whole.

Father teaches his boy the wrong things
Father teaches his boy the wrong things. The boy becomes wholly and irreversibly indoctrinated into believing that killing animals for pleasure is good. Image: Twitter.

My mind also turns to the old adage that applies to cats and humans that what they and we learn in the very early weeks (for cats) and years (for us) sticks very hard and is almost impossible to shake off. Characters are molded during those early years as we all know.

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If a kitten is not socialised in the first seven weeks, they are effectively feral. The entire population of domestic cats is built on the act of socialisation. A domestic cat is born wild in terms of their mind-set. They have to be domesticated and that happens with socialisation which is a form of indoctrination into believing that humans are safe to be with. Sadly, that isn’t always the case. And when it is not, the cat becomes confused. Human abuses of domestic cats and dogs is a gross breach of trust by the human.

The cat places their trust in us to be cared for to a good standard. That is the unwritten contract. In return they keep us company and entertain us. They benefit us.

These North Koreans were indoctrinated from an early age to worship their deranged leader and they’ll never hear otherwise.

Of course, I am presenting my personal views on the behaviour of the North Korean leader, Kim Yong-un. But if a leader is that dangerous to humanity generally as he is, it is troublesome to say the least that an entire country worships him as some sort of saviour when he is the opposite. North Korea puts so much money into their military that the citizens have to eat grass to survive.


Indoctrination refers to the process of teaching someone a set of beliefs in a way that discourages critical thinking and questioning. Here’s a breakdown of the concept:

What it is:

  • Involves instilling ideas, attitudes, or methods.
  • Can be about anything, from religious beliefs to political ideology to professional practices.
  • Often involves repetition and a lack of exposure to alternative viewpoints.

Neutral vs. Negative:

  • In a neutral sense, indoctrination can simply be a way of teaching the fundamentals of something.
  • However, it often has a negative connotation, implying that the ideas are being forced or imposed without room for debate.


  • Religious groups teaching children their beliefs.
  • Military bootcamps training soldiers in specific tactics and ideologies.
  • Political movements using propaganda to spread their message.


  • The line between indoctrination and education can be blurry.
  • Some argue that all cultures and societies indoctrinate their members to some degree.
  • The concern is when indoctrination limits free thought and prevents people from forming their own opinions.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Indoctrination can be subtle or overt.
  • It can be used for positive or negative purposes.
  • It’s important to be critical of the information you receive and to be open to different perspectives.

Google AI bot

Google’s AI bot, Gemini, refused to discuss the topic of the obvious indoctrination of North Korean citizens into worshipping their leader. These AI bots are very ‘woke’. They behave like snowflakes.

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