Howard and Beth Stern offer a foster cat to Joe Biden’s family

Beth and Howard Stern
Beth and Howard Stern. Beth’s Instagram account.
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The president-elect Joe Biden and his wife Dr Biden will be bringing a new member of their family to the White House, a cat, in addition to their German shepherds, Major and Champ. That’s the news currently. I don’t know how hard and fast it is but it is their intention to have three companion animals in the White House. A marked change to the Trump presidency.

It’s almost certain that the Biden family will adopt a rescue cat because that’s their style. They are animal lovers and most animal lovers adopt rescue animals. Major is a rescue dog.

Beth Stern
Beth Stern. YouTube video screenshot.

Howard and Beth Stern have offered one of their foster cats to the Biden family. The Sterns foster cats. Over the past five years they have fostered close to 900 cats. I think this is mainly driven by Beth Stern who is a wonderful animal advocate who is the spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America. She writes a blog on their website. The couple don’t have children and they are passionate about animal welfare and do their best to ensure that unwanted domestic cats find forever homes.

I looked up Howard Stern on Wikipedia. He’s a radio and television personality, producer, author and actor and is therefore a celebrity no doubt with a big following on the Internet. In 2004 he signed a five year deal with Sirius worth $500 million. He’s rich which certainly helps to have an impact on animal welfare which no doubt they do through Beth Stern’s excellent work.

We will be honoured, we have such cute kittens and adult cats, cats that need homes, we want to do that. Beth told me to say that, and I am in full agreement. – Howard Stern

Howard Stern
Howard Stern. Photo: Wikipedia.

Beth Stern is described as an author, model and animal-rights activist. She left university without completing the course to pursue a modelling career in New York City. She dated Howard Stern for seven years and he proposed to her on February 13, 2007. The couple “primarily reside” in the town of Southampton on Long Island and they also have homes in Manhattan and at Palm Beach, Florida.

In their homes they have dedicated rooms for their foster cats. She began this in 2013. Beth Stern has an Instagram account which promotes her animal welfare work. It has over half a million followers and it has of course helped in her fostering enterprise. The couple have four cats of their own: Bella, Yoda, Walter and Pebble.

P.S. The information comes from Popculture, North Shore Animal League, YouTube and Wikipedia.

P.P.S. Other rescues are vying for position to see if they can get the Bidens to adopt from them. It is a good way to promote their organisations and it is great for cat rescue. Here is a tweet from DC’s biggest animal shelter:

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