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HRH Duchess of Sussex becomes patron of a London animal charity — 2 Comments

  1. Not impressed since she accompanied Harry on Boxing Day so he could kill a defenseless animal,if my hubby told me he was going then I would hand him a suitcase with his clothes and say buh bye but thats me,real Animal Activists dont go on a hunting spree.

  2. I wonder if Meghan has seen the old, published photographs of her now husband and his brother beating their gundogs with long, hardwood sticks whilst out shooting?

    Recently, she absented herself from the repulsive, merry Yule, traditional, family killing festival that her husband attended. Bet he ate some of his kills. Some props due to her for keeping away from that disgusting indulgance

    How could she be attracted to such a person whilst being an ‘advocate’ for other species? Working on the enemy from the inside? Maybe as a celebrity american she is genetically blinded by the gilded, glowing fimus tauri that shines forth from UK royalty?

    Seriously good luck to her taking on some of the most repulsive aspects of the wealthy english establishment. I hope that she doesn’t meet the same fate as her husband’s late Mum.

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