HRH Duchess of Sussex becomes patron of a London animal charity

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle
Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Photographer unknown.
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex (Meghan Markle) has chosen to become a Patron of Mayhew. Mayhew is a wide ranging animal charity with 350 volunteers. Their total income for 2017 was £2,187,952 ($2,793,962.457). So this is a big, well established animal charity doing great work and now they have the highest profile animal advocate that they could wish for.

The Mayhew mission statement is:

“To promote animal welfare by delivering a broad range of community-based veterinary, care and education services in the UK and overseas.”

Their work includes rescuing cats, TNR, fostering animals and rehoming. Mayhew is located at: Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, London, NW10 6BJ.

The Royals and Meghan

Well, it is good news. As the Duchess of Sussex is a strong animal advocate I am not sure how she will tolerate the Royal Family’s habit of shooting birds for fun. That must grate at the very least. No matter how popular they might be, the royals are upperclass toffs. They don’t live in the real world and their world is imbued with idea that hunting is acceptable. It’s been that way for centuries. It is out of step with modern Britain and environmental issues.

The Duchess wears the trousers in the family in my opinion and she not backward in coming forward if you get my drift. She speaks her mind to put it another way. I like that too. The Duchess has influenced Prince Harry’s diet. He is eating more healthily we are told which means less burgers and perhaps less meat in general. I believe that she is on the way to becoming vegan.

The Duchess does not wear fur and will not promote it. This is a modern stance on fur inline with fashion designers ditching it. She is a breath of fresh air in the Royal Family. The Queen likes her. Let’s hope it stays that way. It might not as their is difference in culture.

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2 thoughts on “HRH Duchess of Sussex becomes patron of a London animal charity”

  1. Not impressed since she accompanied Harry on Boxing Day so he could kill a defenseless animal,if my hubby told me he was going then I would hand him a suitcase with his clothes and say buh bye but thats me,real Animal Activists dont go on a hunting spree.

  2. I wonder if Meghan has seen the old, published photographs of her now husband and his brother beating their gundogs with long, hardwood sticks whilst out shooting?

    Recently, she absented herself from the repulsive, merry Yule, traditional, family killing festival that her husband attended. Bet he ate some of his kills. Some props due to her for keeping away from that disgusting indulgance

    How could she be attracted to such a person whilst being an ‘advocate’ for other species? Working on the enemy from the inside? Maybe as a celebrity american she is genetically blinded by the gilded, glowing fimus tauri that shines forth from UK royalty?

    Seriously good luck to her taking on some of the most repulsive aspects of the wealthy english establishment. I hope that she doesn’t meet the same fate as her husband’s late Mum.


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