Huge Australian Maine Coon is probably world’s longest domestic cat

Omar is an Australian Maine Coon cat and he is probably (to be confirmed) the longest domestic cat in the world at 47.24 inches at the date of his post. His weight at 31 pounds (14 kg) is also extremely impressive.

A number of years ago, another Maine Coon in America called Stewie was the longest domestic cat in the world at 48.5 inches from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tailbone. However, Stewie died of cancer in 2013. Stewie was a slighter cat but longer.

Omar is a little bit overweight I have to say but that is not a criticism. He is an enormous domestic cat. He is one of those Maine Coon cats with a huge head which makes you look twice. His owner is Steffy Hirst. He lives in Melbourne. Omar is a shy boy. He is an incredibly charming boy as well. He was tiny when he as adopted but started growing quickly and weighed 10 kg at one-year-of-age.

Steffy’s boyfriend hoovers him. Some domestic cats accept this but it is quite rare. Most domestic cats run a mile when they hear the Hoover. This is an interesting reaction for a shy cat.

When people see Omar’s picture they wonder the whether the photograph has been photoshopped. Guinness World Records have contacted Steffy enquiring as to whether he is the world’s longest cat. Apparently there is another Maine Coon in the UK measuring 118.33 cm (I think he is Ludo). Omar is a fraction longer at 120 cm.

Omar has shot to fame but his shyness makes him unsuited to stardom. He didn’t want to be on television. He kept on hiding from the camera crew. He hid under Steffy’s bed! He’s gorgeous and a star.

The photos are (a) video screenshots and (b) probably by Stephy Hirst or her partner via Instagram. Thanks.

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