Huge leap by tiny kitten

Huge leap by tiny kitten
Huge leap by tiny kitten
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Relative to this kitten’s size (very young – several weeks old), this little fella makes an almighty leap from a sofa. If you magnified it up to an adult cat it would be a leap of impressive distance. And it took a lot of confidence.

Nugget leaps from 12 feet onto a hard surface

Unconcerned domestic cat leaps off balcony 12 feet up onto sidewalk to chase a cat

Nugget, a domestic cat, was on a balcony attached to what looks like a first-floor apartment in a condo. I ...
Pre-lunge in attack or jumping may include head swaying

Why do cats move their heads from side to side?

You might have noticed that when a domestic cat is (a) jumping precisely onto a platform of some description or ...
Operant conditioning explains why this cat jumps at the same spot all the time

Operant conditioning explains why this domestic cat always jumps over the same spot

This sweet black cat, aptly named Leapfrog, elegantly and athletically leaps over the same area of hard floor at a ...
Cat jump fail was not the cat's fault

Cat should not be blamed or mocked for jumping failure

This white domestic cat should not be blamed or mocked for her abject failure to make a successful jump. Her ...
Cat jumps a good distance with his bed in his mouth

Cat jumps from top of wall mounted cabinet to distant table with bed in mouth

This cat decided to relocate to a lower level and took his bed with him. It was a very ambitious ...
Street cat regularly jumps on this person's lap when he comes by

How can a cat (approx. 5Kg) jump on my lap so gently that I don’t notice her arrival?

The answer is simple. Domestic cats are supremely skilled at judging the distance to jump. They exercise precisely the amount ...
Adopted cat returned to shelter after three months because she "jumped on things"

Adopted cat returned to shelter after three months because she “jumped on things”

This is the story of Avalon, and thankfully it has a happy ending. Avalon was adopted over the weekend. A ...
Turkish Angora Kittens, Ankara Zoon, Turkey

Deaf Turkish Angora Annoys Owner Because He Jumps on Kitchen Counter

This lady wants to modify her cat's behaviour. He is a 7-month-old Turkish Angora (TA). She didn't realise it until ...

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