Huggie Bear Maine Coon Cat

Huggie Bear Maine Coon Cat

by Donna Richardson
(Fort Plain, New York, United States)

I love her

I love her

I was 4 months pregnant when I visited a farm and set eyes on some kittens, not knowing that they where Maine Coons. I was still living at home with my parents at this time, and I took one home. My mother, a sucker for cats, said no, take him back. I said that I would the next day. When I went to return him, the other cat had been stepped on by a cow and killed.

I then returned home with the cat and I snuck him back in. My mother didn't know nor did my father, I had the whole up stairs to myself. A few weeks went by before they found out. I had to move out. In the past I brought home several cats and my mother had 5 cats as a result. My father couldn't hack it. I tried to explain that this one was different, he, (Cosmo) had a very personal bonding with me, he need me.I got my first apartment.

Cosmo started to get BIG and BIGGER, he would follow me around like a puppy and always knew when I was upset. He would comfort me, he litteraly hugs me. The expressions that he would make with his ears, tail, and eyes were like sign language. I began to understand anything he wanted, like "I want to drink the water out of the faucet not a bowl" or anything that made him uncomfortable, like when the baby was born.

We had to move to a new apartment. I was not supposed to have any animals there. I snuck him in there too. In the new apartment I could have pets. We had lived there for 3 months and one day when I came home, my cat was missing. I frantically asked everyone in the building if they had seen my cat. A downstairs attendant said that a cop came to his door asking if the cat belong to anyone, that had been hit by a car. I almost passed out. He helped me pull myself together and told me that the cop took the cat to the animal hospital. I didn't know what one, so I called all over. It was getting late and all the hospitals were closed. I couldn't sleep that night. I called in to work the next day and started the search. I finally found him.

We hopped in the car an off we went. When we got there, the doctor explained that he had a broken leg, possible internal injuries and was on an IV. I started to cry. He said that he was very sore. When I walked in, Cosmo perked right up and tried to get to me. The doc said that that was the most he had moved in the past 24 hours. He also said that he didn't think Cosmo was going to make it until he saw this. He was so shocked he said it was almost like we were one spirit. I took him home.

We moved again and when winter came Cosmo disappeared. I thought for sure he was gone for good, I searched every animal shelter, cat rescue, and door to door with a picture. I became very depressed. Five months had past, we were moving again. On our last trip of our stuff, Cosmo come waltzing up and jumped into my arms, put his arms around my neck and started to purrrr. He is my Huggie Bear. I have had my cat for 10 years and with every trial and tradegy he will always be a part of me, we need each other. As I write this story Cosmo is making sure that between paragraphs he gets my attention.

- pepe&Cosmo

A beautiful and moving story - thank you Donna. I changed the title slightly to try make it easier for Google to find this submission, which needs to be found as it is so good. I hope you don't mind.

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Huggie Bear Maine Coon Cat

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by: Anonymous

How stupid can people be to let their cats out roaming--inevitably they'll get hit by a car, tolen, injured or even killed. My next door neighbor is that kind of idiot--she owns a beautiful purebred Persian, always beautifully groomed and with a collar and a bell--still she stupidly lets him roam the neighborhood. I marched up to her door and told her in no uncertain terms what I thought of that (I have 2 gorgeous INDOOR cats) and she rudely told me to mind my own F-ing business. Well, three days later guess what? She had posters up all over the neighborhood because the cat was missing. I went back to her door and told her I TOLD YOU SO and she threatened to have me arrested for trespassing!!!!! The cat came back, finally.

Jan 05, 2009 Intelligence
by: Anonymous

I think this is to do with intelligence. My feeling is that Maine Coons are an intelligent cat breed. In tests they rank about mid-stream but the tests are not that scientific. My experience is that they are more intelligent than we sometimes give credit for.

Also cats like water and running water is better. Bengal cats like running water, for example. I think it is in their blood (from their ancestor the Asian Leopard Cat which lives near water).

Maine Coon cat look at you as if they recognize you and know you.

Jan 05, 2009 Huggie Bear Maine Coon Cat
by: Lea

Loved the story about your Huggie Bear!

LOL, I screeched to a halt when I read about the asking for (and getting) "water from the faucet, not a bowl."

MY Maine Coon of long ago, Miss Tigre, also would hop up to the bathroom sink to let me know it was time to turn on the water so she could put her paw in the stream and then lick the paw.

Hmm, wonder if a lot of MC's do that?

Jan 04, 2009 Loved this story
by: Anonymous

Thanks for this uplifting story in difficult times (Jan 2008). I enjoyed reading it. You are lucky to have each other but it is due to your love, commitment and diligence.

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