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Human and Cat Are Foster Caring Team — 3 Comments

  1. just beautiful thank you for sharing yours an Charlies experience, i foster kittens an named one Charlie he cleans an looks after little ones …. but 4 nights ago my big boy Charlie went missing just out of the blue, nutured an microchipped , please pray for my boys return.

  2. Great story! I have seen this compassion phenomenon too. Two of my cats: a black one named Pete was a hero to kittens born in an orange grove and the nearest human was on the other side of a 6 foot block wall. Legend has it that he took each by the scruff and scaled the wall with them so someone could care for them. When I got him I also took in a deaf white cat who also was de-clawed and so he was hyper-defensive. He chose Pete to vilianize but Pete was compassionate enough to know the deaf cat (Polar-bear) couldn’t help it. And so Pete would take Polars’ verbal and physical assaults. I even saw Pete take full-on smacks to his face and all Pete would do was close his eyes. I also had a red tabby who was my sort of second-in-command, keeping peace in the household. He knew just how much force to use so noone disliked him for being a little police-cat.

    Cats (and other animals) are truly amazing this way. I’ve read many stories of cross-species friendships and helper buddies. We humans have been so busy thinking we’re the best thing this planet has seen that it’s only been relatively recently that we see kindness and other emotions in animals.

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