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Human redirected aggression (towards cats) — 5 Comments

  1. Okay, Michael, this a bit too testosterone-driven for me, perhaps. Although, you know what? Most of my friends who are male are animal lovers and esp. cats. I guess we gravitate to those who are like us… Obviously, this does not explain those testosterone-driven young males who believe that they can manipulate young women. Oh my goodness, do they truly think they can remain that primitive? and still hope to find a mate? Let them be eaten alive by carnivorous insects, eh, or aliens.

    • Thanks for commenting, Caroline. I’m surprised that you think it is testosterone-driven. I see it as more commonsense. When people are angry they hit out at something. Sometimes they smash something, sometimes they punch something. We see people throwing things and smashing things when they’re angry. These are all forms of redirected aggression in my opinion. And therefore I think it is quite logical to state that sometimes, albeit rarely, some people are going to deliberately hurt cats as an expression of redirected aggression.

  2. I could find any number of movies where derogatory remarks are made about cats. Cat hate is accepted in western culture.

    • Ain’t it just. If you are a lazy screen writer or director, lacking in imagination, then the easiest & cheapest dramatic device with which to harm a female character, is to threaten to harm or actually harm, the female character’s cat.

      Executive producers like this as it is cheap. One shot of a threat note landing on the doormat, one shot close up anguished female face, cheap sfx of generic cat screaming, job done for nothing. Cats harmed without being harmed. This harms cats by keeping them with zero value of any kind.

  3. You are absolutely spot on, Michael. I agree with every word that you said. One solution has to be emotional maturity. The ability to stop, assess the situation, and retreat from the circumstances is crucial. In the case of aggression toward stray cats, this seems to be an inherent flaw in the character or genetic makeup of uncompassionate individuals…and there are many in this world unfortunately. Humane education regarding other creatures on earth needs to be instilled at an early age.

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