Human Romance Reunites Rescue Cat Brothers

Ozzy and Butter
Ozzy and Butter reunited. They look as if they are a little unsure of each other but see below.
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This is an interesting cat rescue story with a happy ending. I think the chances of this happening are very small indeed but happen it did.

A woman, Cathleen Cavin, adopted an animal shelter kitten who they named Ozzy. Ozzy had a sibling brother they left behind. They were separated. Cathleen felt guilty about that and she promised her daughter that she would find Ozzy’s brother one day but she realised that that was almost certainly a promise that she would be unable to keep.

Cathleen and Brian
Cathleen and Brian

Moving forward, Cathleen met a man whose name is Brian Herrera. Cathleen went to Brian’s house. I think, perhaps, that you can guess what happened next.

Brian had adopted Ozzy’s brother whose name is “Butter”. When she was in Brian’s house she thought that she was looking at her cat. She insisted that Brian’s cat was hers and Brian thought she was a little bit crazy until they checked their adoption papers and found that Ozzy and Butter were brothers. So quite by chance Cathleen had found Ozzy’s brother.

And this is the good thing; Cathleen and Brian are getting along very well and they plan to move in together next month. Ozzy and Butter will be reunited permanently all being well.

I suppose an outstanding question would be whether the sibling cats get along all right and apparently they do. Not all siblings do, in fact, get along when they grow up, particularly brothers. But look at the picture at the top of the page. Do I see a little bit of uncertainty between the two? It would be a shame if the cats did fall out.

It looks as though this was destined to happen and it makes you think that sometimes some things are preordained and not pure chance.


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