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Human to Cat – we have arguments just like any other couple! — 6 Comments

  1. I have 4 cats and with 3 of them no problems at all but with 1 of them well let’s say he makes up for the others.Hendrix will come in and wake me from between 4am to 6am for breakfast. He will meow right in my ear,tap me on the arm or face and/or walk on me as well just to make sure i am awake.His other trick is if he wants to go out the front is to belt on the door and/or climb up the security door and start meowing til I come and rescue him as he has usually climbed right to the top of the door and is just hanging there.the funny part is the back door is open so he could quite easily just go out that door.The classic is when he has been hassling his brothers and sister and I tell him off and shake my finger at him and when I’m finished he jumps up and hits me on the finger with his paw,its so funny to see.I’m sure Hendrix understands me most of the time,he’s very different to any other cat I’ve ever known.He’s my beautiful and special boy and I love him to bits even though he can drive me nuts somedays with some of his antics.

  2. The thing that Mitzy does that irritates me the most is when we’re playing nicely, and then she attacks my hand and arm! Ouch! That’s usually my verbal reaction, which causes her to let go. I’ve learned not to pull away.

    Her latest annoying tactic is to meow mournfully by the door to get out. A newer behavior is to lay by the door, just in case someone might be coming in, and she hopes to dash out.

    I’ve hesitated to take her out on her leash because then she’ll get used to it, and want it even more. I do take her out in my arms sometimes, so she can have some new visuals and scents.

    Michael, I do love your photography! Gabriel looks so wild in the trees, and such a baby under the duvet. His looks are priceless! You’ve also captured some interesting stretching positions. It makes my day to see your pictures…..

  3. You should hear my cat Lucky talking back to me at bedtime. For most of the day he prefers to stay in Laura’s room looking out of her window. He sleeps in my room at night. Sometimes he’ll go to the door by himself wanting in to go to bed earlier. At other times I’ll tell him it’s bedtime and he’ll meow at me all through the house as he walks behind me. It’s like “mama! I was PLAYING! Can’t I stay up awhile longer!”

    It’s even worse on the days he doesn’t follow me and I have to pick him up. He’ll meow up at me and I’ll tell him to stop talking back to me. I don’t like leaving him in the main part of the house because eventually Oozy will start chasing him. Plus Lucky gets his beauty rest when he’s on my bed.

    It’s just funny how Lucky will follow me to bed most days willingly, even with the back talking, and I have to pick my dog up and carry him to bed.

    • Your experience sounds like mine. I talk to Gariel like that and he talks back but he hasn’t really learnt to meow yet. He squeaks back at me. I wonder when he’ll learn to meow. When criticise him he looks at me insolently and goes out. He can be a brat. But, God, I love him and would do anything for him.

  4. The biggest thing I don’t like is when any of them pick on each other. I tell them — “hey!! you all are going to be her forever so get used to it and settle down!!” Other than that, mine don’t really irritate me too much. I do talk to them as though they were children — they generally listen too! Since I am on a night work schedule, by the time I get settled and am ready to go to sleep, the “kids” usually are as well. In my entire life of having kitties (50+ years), I have never had any get me up for any reason. For some unknown reason, they have always let Mom sleep. They have gotten others up (when I still lived at home — years ago!!), but never me. I guess I am just a lucky cat Mom. . . ♥♥♥

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