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Humane Society’s well oiled machine evacuated some Louisiana shelters in preparation for Hurricane Barry

I am always very impressed, and I love the way that The Humane Society of the United States make room at shelters which will be taking in animals because of the presence of Hurricane Barry. They do this by shipping out by air cats and dogs who are up for adoption in these shelters to others outside the path of Hurricane Barry.

The Humane Society of the United States, along with shelter workers and volunteers assists in evacuating animals from the St. Landry Parish Animal Control and Rescue to the nearby St. Landry airport where 116 dogs and 18 cats were flown out ahead of Hurricane Berry on July 12th 2019. Photo: Anthony Rathbun / AP Photo

All this happened ahead of the hurricane’s landfall along the Louisiana coast. More than 120 cats and dogs in the storm’s path were flown to safety. Six animal rescue partners in Virginia and New Jersey received the animals.

The cats and dogs were evacuated on Friday from St. Landry Parish Animal Control and St Martin Animal Shelter in Louisiana. They were flown to Manassas in northern Virginia.

All the animals shipped out were up for adoption in Louisiana. The purpose, as stated, is to make room for the predicted thousands of animals who will need accommodating at animal shelters after Hurricane Barry has passed through.

Shelters in summer are normally near or at capacity so it’s important that room is made in the shelters under these emergency conditions. We are told that in previous hurricanes such as Katrina thousands of animals were displaced or killed.

In addition, the Humane Society have set out a Pet Disaster-Preparedness Kit on their website.


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