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Humanely Euthanize A Cat — 6 Comments

  1. I am so sorry. There simply is nothing much worse. It’s as though, every time one of my babies pass on, they take a chunk of me with them. Life is never the same. But thank God we are able to have them for that moment in time.💔

  2. I know a great deal of time has elapsed… But when I had a beloved cat put to sleep, she was first given the injection that they use for performing surgeries on the animals. She slowly fell asleep in my arms. Then came the second shot to stop the heart. The vet was going to plunge it into my cat’s heart, but I asked what if you just injected it? He said it would take longer but it would still stop her heart. For my own psyche, I chose the latter option. She was sleeping anyway, but the violence of plunging the needle into her heart would have made a sad experience even sadder and more violent to me.

    • I think you are right. I had to leave the room and a friend of mine stayed with my cat. I was in torment in the waiting room.

  3. Thanks for that Michael. This has left me not trusting any vets at all with my rabbits. I’ve had several other things like this happen as well with my rabbits, because in emergencies I can’t get to a rabbit specialist, and dog and cat vets where I live just aren’t up on rabbits, or they just see them as vermin. But thanks for looking that up for me. Other things I have read seem to indicate the proper way to put down a rabbit is with two injections, one to sedate it and a second to really put it down, or they inject into a catheter, which means they have to shave, and all these things to a rabbit would be stressful. Seems like there is no really good way to put rabbits to sleep, but stabbing into heart is just crazy.

  4. I took my rabbit to the vet to be humanely euthanised, the vet insisted that the veins were to small for a needle so the only way to euthanise was to inject into the heart. I know it hurt my rabbit. It screamed. If I ever have a rabbit that needs to be put down I will do it myself- either helium or bullet to the head. I have read of rat and guinea pig owners complaining of the same inhumane process of euthanising being used as well.

    • Thanks, Tanya, for that. Out of interest, my vet euthanises by an injection to the abdomen, as far as I am aware. It appears to be painless. Not sure why your vet injected into the heart – a “heart stick” I think it is called. I’ll check this out. THis is what I found out:

      “Injection of 20% Pentobarbitone directly into the heart (intracardiac) may be suitable in collapsed, unconscious animals. However, this requires skill and knowledge of anatomy because failure to inject into the correct place will cause pain. It should only be used by experienced technicians in an emergency.”

      Source: World Society For The Protection of Animals.

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