Humans breed cats to extreme and change themselves to an extreme too

There must be a common reason why some people are obsessed with extreme appearance in animals and in humans. There must be something wrong with humankind if there are people who think it is clever to breed cats to an extreme appearance or change their appearance in an extreme way. The two objectives or desires are surely part of the same underlying psychological condition, whatever it is. Can someone tell me why a reasonably attractive woman has an irrational compulsion to alter her face to an extreme which looks far worse than before the surgery?

Humans breed cats to extreme and change themselves to an extreme too

Humans breed cats to extreme and change themselves to an extreme too. Image: MikeB from images in the public domain.

This form of cosmetic surgery is changing women into aliens and it’s changing beautiful cats into strange creatures with health problems. Of course, the dire, delusional and compulsive desire to turn oneself into an alien also carries many health problems. These are health problems which are conveniently ignored because of the compulsion to have an alien face.

What is the underlying reason for the attraction of extreme appearance? Both the woman and the cat make you look. They are freakish. I think this woman wants to be noticed at any cost. It is the desire for fame at any cost including her health and being laughed at. People like her are blind to the criticism.

As for the extreme purebred cat, I think the desire of breeders is the same. They want their moment in the spotlight vicariously through the celebrity of their cats with extreme features. The big Maine Coon with huge muzzle is the favour of the month. Until them the flat-faced Persian and the rat-faced Siamese were the kings and queens of extreme appearance.

And in both cases money is a factor too. The breeder will sell more cats at high prices. The woman we see in the photo whose name is Anastasiia Pokreshchuk, 32, from Kiev, Ukraine, will also make some money from her alien appearance.

It is an era of celebrity. People don’t want to look mediocre. Breeders want outstanding cats. They want celebrity cats. It is the era of celebrity cats and humans. One way to attain celebrity is through extreme and weird appearance.

In 1968, Andy Warhol said his famous sentence: “In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.”

It was prophetic. Over the past ten years the idea of a brief spell of fame has firmly taken hold of today’s youth through social media. The pressure on kids to look more attractive and have perfect lives is ever present. It is all false. If there is pressure to look good it is one small step to look extreme. Addiction leads to extremes. The people with a vulnerable psyche will go down the extreme appearance route.

Pokreshchuk injected herself with hyaluronic filler to create her weird hamster cheeks. She wanted high-boned cheeks. She overdid it somewhat don’t you think? She lost her objectivity. She went mad is a small way.

P.S. Cosmetic surgeons are partly to blame. They often willingly accept instructions from clients who need counselling and not surgery. Many of these people are not thinking straight and their desire to change themselves to varying degrees comes from borderline mental health issues. As for cats, the cat associations also willingly accept extreme breeding even when it is against their written policy of not breeding cats with an appearance which creates health problems (Persian).


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