Humans should be microchipped like their pet cat

According to the video there are distinct advantages to being microchipped like your cat or dog. There may come a time when more people are microchipped than cats because there is a poor uptake for microchipping of pets despite the acknowledged benefits.

Although, as you can see from the video, there are people who think they are already microchipped! Perhaps they think a UFO landed and a little green man injected a microchip into their hand so they can monitor them from another planet.

Perhaps the biggest worry for people is that they might believe that the state machine (China!) may be able to hack into a microchip implanted into the hand and start controlling the individual’s mind. Scary indeed. The brave new world. If you do it make sure the microchip is not manufactured in China. In that country the government monitor all citizens and grant them credits and debits for good and bad behaviour. They have no idea what is happening until they are banned from doing something as innocuous as as buying a train ticket and told to improve their credit rating.

Microchipped humans will be the norm in a brave new world!
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Microchipped humans will be the norm in a brave new world!

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