Hungry Cat Demonstrates Feline Strength

Cat athleticism

This video is more about the cat’s athleticism rather than hunger. Indeed, we are not sure that the cat was hungry although it is highly likely. What is clear is that this grey tabby is, like all domestic and stray cats, very athletic and strong. It’s the forelimbs in this demonstration which are doing all the work. Did you realise that “the cat’s shoulder is a feat of muscle, in that the forelimb is connected to the rest of the body only by muscle”.

The human’s collarbone connects the shoulder and breastbone. The cat’s vestigial clavicle floats and is anchored in place by muscles. This allows the cat to lengthen his stride and extend his range of movements.

He is eating raw fish. This is okay on a limited basis but will cause health issues if eaten exclusively.

An article on eating fish:

Is fish bad for cats?

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