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Hunter Enjoys Killing Kittens With A Bow And Arrow — 13 Comments

  1. People like Sullivan give all hunters a BAD name.

    Not all hunters are bad. Not all hunters want to wipe out the kitty cats of the world. Many hunters are kind, loving pet parents who are trying to supplement the meat supply.

    Many hunters believe that population control for certain types of animals (food animals) is necessary to keep those animals from slowly dying from starvation or disease. These are also the types of hunters that only take the shot when they know the animal will die instantly.

    Shame on the Sullivans of the world for giving all hunters a bad name.

    • I respect your opinion. For me all hunters are doing something unethical to varying degrees in the 21st century.

      • Thank you. You are correct about too many.

        Just curius, do you classify the meat industry workers in the same category?

        • Meet industry workers work in abattoirs which are regulated through statute by the state or federally. The point is though that when they kill animals in abattoirs they do so under strict regulations with the intention that the animal does not suffer. That is the intention. And the purpose of an abattoir is to kill animals so that people can eat them. Most hunters kill animals for the pleasure of killing an animal and the killing is not controlled under statute. Sometimes sport hunters kill animals more or less instantly and the animal does not suffer. But a lot of the time the animal suffers. No one is keeping statistics on how many animals suffer. No one cares.

          If a hunter killed an animal instantly and then ate the animal that would have to be acceptable except there is one problem with that namely that today in the 21st-century there is no need to kill an animal that way and as it is more likely to cause suffering than animals killed in an abattoir, for me, it is unacceptable.

          If animals killed in abattoirs suffer then the law is unsatisfactory and something else should be done so that they die painlessly. I am against people causing pain to animals unnecessarily. In a better world we would not eat animals.

  2. you are a piece of shit lady instead of killing them with a bow an arrow sit down an point that think an your own feet cause the pain would be unbelieve im sure, more so with a kitten/cat, what will be your next target ????? other animals ie peoples dogs ??? take them to the RSPCA an let them do humanly/ you just a scank..

  3. “The chasm between cat lovers and cat hunters is that the former hate the idea of causing pain to an animal whereas the hunters don’t give a damn if they cause pain.”

    Now that’s a bald-faced lie if I ever read one. You all thoroughly enjoy and even take great pride in having your moggies rip apart live animals and have those animals then writhe and screech to death like some cat’s discarded play toy. You all even call it “being gifted” by your moggies because you’re so proud of all the suffering and torment that you cause to all other animals.

    Really? You don’t even realize what you are saying? Wow.

    • Beth you are a fool and don’t call me a liar. That’s rude. The concept of knowlingly causing pain only exists in the human world. When cats kill prey they do so to survive. It’s called nature. When humans kill like Renee they do so for their pleasure and a disregard for the pain it causes. They should be aware of the fact that is causes pain and if they aren’t they are defective, ignorant people.

      Do you understand that?

      • If a human hurts an animal with their bow and arrow, then that’s the human’s fault. But if a human hurts an animal with their own cat, then that’s the cat’s fault? Wow. Just wow.

        Way to never take any responsibility at all for all the pain and torture of animals that you cause in the world. I guess it’s the only way you can sleep at night knowing this.

        You’re not only sad and despicable, you’re a pathetic excuse for a human

        • Oh, I got it now.

          Blame the person’s bow & arrow, not the person.

          Blame the person’s cat, not the person.

          Is that how it works? In your twisted and self-deceptive mind it certainly does.

      • Michael one of the common questions on an old cat board I belonged to would be someone asking how to keep their cat from killing birds, mice, bugs , snakes, lizards etc. The only answer is to keep them inside or provide a well screened enclosure. You cannot undo a cats instinct to hunt or kill.
        You can however expect a bit more of the human variety out there. On occasion my cats get ahold of something and I’m inclined to let them finish the hunt because it’s part of what they are. By the same token I interfered on a regular basis with my niece who I suspect has the makings of a serial killer in her torture of animals. Why someone is confused about the different mental capacity of a cat and a human is beyond me.

        • I agree that people do confuse the mentality of humans and cats. And they put human attitudes onto cats and assess them on that basis. This is completely incorrect. You get some very poor arguments on that basis. The truth of the matter is that hunters who like to kill cats either feral or stray or whatever can never justify it with a sound argument. It simply comes down to the pleasure of killing animals but they hardly ever admit that.

          • Cats are acceptable targets in our society. I suppose someone who did not understand cat behavior would think I was cruel for allowing my 4 cats to torture a rather large moth that got into the house for hours. I don’t enjoy watching it but I have 4 apex predators in the house. you can’t teach a cat NOT to hunt.

  4. The underlying issue here is the war is not on feral cats for someone with this mindset. It’s a war against all cats, feral, indoor outdoor and even your house fluffy should one of them slip out the door. To them ALL cats are legitimate targets.
    Some of them are so extreme they want to ban cat ownership altogether.

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