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Hunting and Killing Household Cats — 14 Comments

  1. hi Michael, I just thought I’d post this post that is happening over here in NZ in regards to Garth Morgan with His Cause to eliminate domestic Cats. It seems the Vet association is starting to believe what he says here is the link.

    • I feel so sorry for Ruthie Davis, the owner of those cats. It’s horrible that her pets were murdered, but that it took place so close to where she lives will be a hurtful, daily reminder.

      I hope the judges also take her pain and suffering into consideration when deciding how to punish the culprits.

    • Thanks for the petition link. I’ve just added my name.

      Hope these guys get what they deserve – even if justice is handed out to them in some dark alleyway late one night 😉

  2. Maybe the bullets holes in their sides are faked .. Umm Not!! First off these 2 vicious A-holes shot these cats (a neighbor’s pet cats). “IF” the cat being held by its tail isn’t dead … it’s doing a really good acting impression then. Because it would be freaking out if it was alive being held like that. Same goes for the other cat being held by the scruff of its neck & again its tail. Take a close look you’ll notice bullet entry wounds on their sides. These evil shits posed in front of their house like this … the neighbor lived a few doors down I believe (there’s currently a petition out for the prosecution of these two! What ticks me off is the only thing they are asking is to revoke their hunting license and “maybe” a fine. A fine or lose their hunting license .. really? What should happen is someone shoots them for sport right between the eyes. Or in very least GO to prison and see if they smile after what the other prisoners do to them (hopefully daily).

  3. In all honesty, I don’t believe that these cats are dead just by the way they are being held and by the background cat.
    This must be some sort of joke or sensationalism.
    I’d like to read a followup on this.

  4. Thank goodness someone decent like Sheriff May is around to make sure these guys are punished.

    Most hunters do it purely for sport and it doesn’t surprise me that they wouldn’t think any differently about cats being targets.

    I don’t know anything about hunting legislation, but it might improve things if they only granted hunting licenses to those who do it for food rather than fun.

    • No one in America should be allowed to hunt a stray/feral/domestic cat under any circumstances for various reasons. The trouble is each state has its own law and it varies from state to state and it is not black and white or straightforward.

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