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Husband asked wife to let the cat in and she battered him in response — 7 Comments

  1. Domestic or any form of abuse comes from mental and emotional instability. Many abusers may have undiagnosed BiPolar illness, and be self medicating with alchohol, drugs or both.

    Substance abuse and mental/emotional illness can be a huge factor in violence.

  2. Jim was very lucky to have an escape plan and a support network. I am glad he was able to get out.am

    Abuse of any kind between domestic partners is a very complex issue, it has usually roots way, way back, as did Jim’s story.

    If we lived in smaller, actively caring communitoes, I think many instances of actual abuse to both men and women would not happen.

    Again and again, it comes back to community, parenting and emotional education of both sexes.

    We need better methods of dealing with the aftermath of domestic abuse. Currently, leave is the only real advice given. Safety from further abuse is paramount, but leaving both abused and abuser in a terminal vacuum, bereft of resolution, does not heal the victim, nor stop abuse of others.

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