Husband jealous of wife’s love for her cats beats tiny kitten to death

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‘Humans are more important than cats so I don’t care.’

The words of Norman Wilson, 48, who was jealous of the love the family cats received from his disabled wife so he beat a very young cat, Tiny Tim, to death.

But it does not stop there. Ten other family cats have died in mysterious circumstances from illness, injuries and poisoning. The finger is pointed at Mr Wilson. But he was not found guilty of these early alleged crimes.

He was found guilty, reportedly, of “failing to protect the kitten from suffering”. I am not sure that is correct. Let’s say he was found guilty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 of animal cruelty.

His punishment is woefully inadequate. He received a sentence of ten weeks in prison, suspended for a year, which means he walks free. If he is found guilty of a similar crime he’ll have to serve the sentence. This is unlikely because the couple have split up.

Really, judges must become more realistic about sentencing on animal welfare matters.

The tiny kitten he brutally beat did not die immediately but was euthanised due to the severity of his injuries. It was noted that significant force would have been applied to injure the cat.

For a person to do this is unbelievable. No matter the reasons, which are pathetic, to beat a small, 11-week-old cat to death means that Mr Wilson is brain dead in terms of decency and morality.

I’d have banged him up for the maximum which is a year as I understand the law and fined him to the max. as well.

The location: Crawley, UK.

Source: Daily Mail.

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3 thoughts on “Husband jealous of wife’s love for her cats beats tiny kitten to death”

  1. Diane Ricciardi Stewart

    Michael, just reading this title made me furious!! I would have been in jail for what I would have done. I have said that MANY times. If I would happen to see (while driving or whatever) ANYONE hurting an anipal, a child or someone elderly, I would be stopping whatever I was doing, and I would end up in jail. I absolutely DO NOT TOLERATE any of this at ANYTIME!!!!!!

  2. Thought animal protection was stronger in the UK than in many areas of the US — am surprised that his sentence was so lenient. In many US states this act of aggravated cruelty would have been charged as a felony.

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