Husband makes the same noises when nuzzling his cat and having sex with his wife

Homer munching sound
Homer munching sound. Screenshot.
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This is interesting and quite cute in a way but it has caused marital stress in the household. A wife wrote to Richard Madeley (an English television personality) who is playing at being an agony aunt. She said that her husband likes to nuzzle their cuddly, fluffy family cat when he comes into the house. His wife says that he picks up their cat and makes ‘a funny, loving, sort of Homer Simpson munching noise’. I get that. Cats do that to you.

Unfortunately he makes the same noises when he makes love to his wife which puts her off! That’s the marital problem for today 😉 . She has had difficulties in mentioning it to him. I get that too. It is a tricky one.

How do you fix it? Well, I am not an agony aunt but the obvious solution is to make sure that the husband does not makes the same sounds when he is loving towards his cat and his wife. Just make sure they are different and his wife needs to talk about it with him. She’ll have to steel herself to do it.

If he is reasonable and sensitive to their relationship in terms of sex, he’ll listen and respond positively. Their cat need not lose out because he can still bury his head in that fluffy belly. He can still enjoy the warm fluffiness of it and his special relationship with his cat while avoiding upsetting his wife. He just has to be quiet when he does it, I guess.

You wonder whether he prefers the family cat.

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