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Hypocritical Australians are the most destructive non-native species on their continent — 6 Comments

  1. The picture at the beginning of the article speaks volumes:
    It takes an entire village to kill one domestic cat. Could it be that cats are smarter than people in this village?

  2. Thank you Michael for writing this article. It was very hard for me to unsee the image of the dead ginger cat which the Aborigines were proudly showing off their “trophy”. I initially thought they were heroes and had rescued a cat from some brush fire, until I read the caption below the picture.

    Some years ago I remember reading news of feral cats being poisoned or bludgeoned to death in Australia as if they were common pests that spread disease like rats. In some cases people who participated in culling feral cats were even rewarded a small bounty. All in the name of protecting their native birds.

    It was simply sickening. I did not follow up with that story and hoped that the senseless cat killing spree was a one time event. Apparently it’s an ongoing exercise especially in Western Australia.

    Feral cats deserve better. Some ferals may be cats that once had homes but were abandoned or dumped by their previous owners. The Australians should have been trapping, neutering and releasing feral cats instead of resorting to mass theriocide.

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree with all that you have said. And, particularly, it is difficult to unsee some images and this is one of them. There are others which have stuck in my mind and I wish they hadn’t. Nowadays I tend to not look at these sorts of images. In this particular one, this cat, a sentient being, is seen as vermin and a pest. They are proud of what they’ve done. To me, it shows an ignorance and that ignorance goes all the way through to the top in Australia where they simply regard feral cats as pests in the Australian government. This cat shouldn’t be there. Humans put them there. They are a product of human carelessness. To compound that carelessness the Australians are now killing them in a very brutal way with poison or bullet, or indeed any other way possible. They are on an impossible mission because you can’t kill all the feral cats in Australia. They don’t know how many there are in the first place. It is disgusting and it makes me sick, particularly, as mentioned in the article, humans kill far more native species then the feral cats on that continent.

  3. Humans are the invasive species like this monster who claimed Aboriginal rights to killing a wombat. He cruely killed it with a rock. The poor little guy tried to run away. The monster claimed he ate it but I think he was lying. Warning the video is horrific Mike.

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