I am not a cat hoarder – I just save lives

I am not a cat hoarder – I just save lives

by An Animal Saver
(Freedom USA)

I agree that your discussion is true in many cases (see cat hoarding). But I know from personal experience that the reason I have had so many cats is that I do not believe that they deserve to die because our shelters can not afford to feed them, I have no problems giving them up when and only when I can find them a loving home, but I will not let them live in a cage or shelter that is marked for death.

I spend countless dollars on vet bills, spaying, litter, flea meds, wormers, food and toys. Along with numerous dollars on cleaners, paper towels, sanitizers and any other items needed to keep my home clean. Not all people should be labeled as hoarders because they have more animals than the norm.

Some of us actually love, name, care for and find homes for the animals that share our homes. Until the day comes that there are all no kill shelters people like myself will continue to take in and care for the animals that can not speak for themselves. Unfortunately others have taken it upon themselves to group everyone under one label and have not taken into account that some of us really do this to save lives.

I have donated so much money to all these animals shelters you see on TV and locally, only to find out that the cute little cat they used to get my dollars was “put to sleep” because his time ran out.

In this economy more and more animals are being thrown out on the streets, left on petstore doorsteps, tied to trees outside shelters, only to find that they will be destroyed in 7 days, and now some shelters have lowered that to 3 days.

So if that makes me a hoarder then so be it, but I will continue to fight for the helpless as long as I have the monetary means to. I have an idea: how about all those shows on animal hoarding donate all the money they make to no kill shelters so they can keep running…at least as they destroy the person’s life they are portraying they could help save the animals.

An Animal Saver

I am not a cat hoarder – I just save lives to Feral Cats

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I am not a cat hoarder – I just save lives

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Jun 23, 2011 To Dog Owner,
by: Anonymous

Animals are not possessions! They are a life that was put on this earth. They do not deserve to be left out in the cold or beaten or starved because of people like you who think they should “get rid of their possessions”.

I do not spend money to acquire more and more animals and I do not have clutter or feces or a mess anywheres. I do work hard to feed, clean and find homes for the animals I do rescue. Along with my family and friends. My family does not suffer nor do they get upset when we place a cat in a home. They are happy to be part of the process and feel as if they have done some small part in saving one more of the “gotten rid of possession”.

Not everyone is like what you see on TV. We keep our home clean and never take on more than legal not to mention we work with many over crowded shelters, animal control workers, and vets in the area to place our rescues. If everyone thought like you do every animal would live on the streets. Do not critized what you dont understand or do not wish to understand, because the way I see it if someone who would “get rid of their possessions” can lump that into a paragraph about animal rescue, must be one cold hearted person. Do you feel the same about our homeless? Because if you must know I help them also….

I feel for your dogs who someday may end up on your possession list and may someday end up on the street because you felt the need to rid yourself of your possessions. Please list them here first so I can help them before I find them on the street or in the pound.

A life is a life, plant, animal or human…

Jun 23, 2011 Really People come on !
by: Dog Owner

Lives? Saving Lives? Have you people lost touch with all reality? These are animals and just that. Animals should always be respected and treated with dignity, but to spend all your fourtune and time and energy on aquiring more and more animals is sick and immoral. Not only will your lives be as empty and unfulfilled when the end comes. Think of all the hurt you will cause your families after they endure the strain of removal of pets and fecal matter and other immaterial items you have collected. Your actions only show a naïve child like obsession towards life… And you will be remembered as such.

Let go of your possessions and free yourselves you’ll be much happier

Jan 09, 2011 Thank God for people like you
by: Leah (UK)

I think that most people labled as cat hoarders take in cats for all the right reasons but then sometimes things just get out of control, the cats spread infections etc.

It made my heart glad to read your article because it seems you are doing your very best for those poor cats doomed to be murdered but its clear you are being sensible at the same time.

I really don’t know how you cope with all the heartache to be honest.

Well done and God bless.

Jan 08, 2011 For Diana
by: Dorothy

Hi Diana, I sent you a personal email. Thanks for reaching out. It will work out perfectly. I’m sure of it.


Jan 08, 2011 Cat with the tightly curled tail that needs a home.
by: Diana

I’m the one with the cat that needs a home. She is very unique with her tightly curled tail. I did respond to Dorothy by e-mail last night. I live in Jackson, Ohio which is 30 miles south east of Chillicothe, Ohio. We have a fenced yard and a storage shed with a doggie door in it and she appeared in our shed a couple of weeks ago. We have a Wheaton Terrier and an inside cat who both want her gone because they both want to fight with her. It’s obvious she is used to being in the house as she sits outside and stares at us through the windows and tries to sneak in the door every time it’s opened. Of course it’s very cold here (21 degrees with 3 inches of snow on the ground). She is staying in the shed but we can’t keep running out to close her up in the shed so we can let our dog out. I’ve run an ad in the paper and posted notices at laundry mats and the post office to no avail. My husband has given me until the 12th of Jan. to find a home and then she’ll have to go to the popund. It’s breaking my heart as she is so loving and searching for someone to love and care for her.

Jan 08, 2011 To an animal saver
by: Ruth

It’s a shame that responsible cat rescuers like you get lumped in with irresponsible cat hoarders, because there is a huge difference in caring for them properly as you do and neglecting them as some do simply because they can’t cope with so many.

It is very hard work and costs a lot financially, I know because our friend/neighbour has 15 rescue cats. They would all have been dead or homeless had she not taken them in. But she admits she does need help because of the sheer amount of work and the cost of food, litter etc.

But like you, if she had to cope without our help I’m sure she’d find a way to look after them as they should be.

Take no notice of anyone criticising you, they are usually the ones who do nothing for any other person or animal.

Keep up the good work.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Jan 07, 2011 I am not a cat hoarder-I just save lives
by: Deanna

Yep, I’ve been called names like “cat lady” but come to find out, that a darn good name to have. BTW, did anyone, did anyone ever saw that ad for Nexium, where the husband took a car jack and Jack the cat off the bed, just because he had an upset stomach. I wanted to write and complain to that company and accuse them for abusing the cat for their commercial, making money off ads that are abusive to animals. I might still do that. Tigger-Wigger is a ferral cat, but he has the stripes of a mackrel tabby. He’s a big boy,when I got him from the shelter( I saw his picture on line) he had an ear infection that keeps coming back, and it is very difficut to treat him, because he runs away around the house(all five cats are house cats) lets say, they own the house:)) there are no restrictions in my home as far as the cats go. Everytime the infection comes back, Tigger-Wigger gets the runs, thank God I have wooden floor, it’s easy to clean up, several suggestions were made to me that I should “put him down” which I refuse to do, it was just a temp. thing, he does not do it anymore, and I certainly don’t mind him having accidents because he was sick. It’s just me and my cats, their litter box is cleaned at least three times a day, their water changed two times, they get both dry & can food, with some “treats” in between. Why Simba will have a fit if the littler box is not cleaned, and he actually makes a cry when he is finished to let me know that it needs scooping up. I wish I can take another cat, but financially, I can’t, I am on a fixed income, I make sure that they are taken care of well so we don’t have to visit the Vet. I wish there would be a program for people that can get discounts of their age, so that they could afford to have their pets.

Jan 07, 2011 Diana
by: Dorothy

Please tell us where you live. I sent you an email as well.


Jan 07, 2011 I have a very unusual cat that needs a home
by: Diana

A beautiful, unusual, female cat has come to our house. She is a large tabby but has a long, tightly curled tail. If you are familiar with a dog breed called Norwegian Elkhounds, her tail is just like theirs. I have never seen a cat with a tail like hers and I feel that she must be some kind of exotic breed. She would be wonderful for breeding cats with unusual tails. She desperately needs a home as our dog is trying to kill her and we can’t keep her. I need a home ASAP no later than Jan. 12th. Please contact me if you know of anyone who can take her and be kind to her. She is so loving.

my email is chillitowndrifter@yahoo.com

Jan 07, 2011 Well said
by: Michael

Well said. I fully agree with you. Thanks for sharing your views. I hope you are OK looking after a large number of cats. It is probably hard work and it is certainly highly responsible work.

Many so called no kill shelters kill cats unnecessarily and dress it up as “euthanasia”.

Michael Avatar

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