I am so happy that people are starting to realise how cruel declawing is!

I am so happy that people are starting to realise how cruel declawing is!

by Xénia

Hello there….I am so happy to have found this site! It makes me physically ill to know that declawing happens!

If people are too lazy to teach their cats proper behaviour, then they should NOT HAVE CATS!!!!

We taught our beloved Ragdoll not to claw the couch by ONCE saying firmly ‘No’ when we caught her doing it, and put her paws on the scratch post instead. Lesson learned!

When I was younger, we had two mixed-breed cats and they were taught in the same way, except they used the trees as scratch-posts. NO problem teaching cats!

They are so intelligent and must not be ill-treated like this!

How would you like it if it happened to you?!?


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I am so happy that people are starting to realise how cruel declawing is!

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Sep 19, 2011 Me too!
by: Leah England

Hi Xenia

So nice to ‘meet’ one of us on PoC!

You are absolutely right its utterly obscene that cats are abused in this way but until the vets stop encouraging it with advertising instead of educating NOT to do it all we can do is to just keep on about how vile it is.

We therefore really hope you will join us again.

Sep 16, 2011 Me too
by: Ruth

Hello Xenia, you are definately one of us, true cat lovers who know how cruel declawing is.
You are right, it’s so very easy to teach a cat to use a scratching post and I agree with you that anyone who is too lazy to do that should not have a cat.
I’m lucky to live in England where declawing is banned but even before that our vets would never ever do it.
I hope you will come back to PoC again and help us to keep on educating people and saving cats claws.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Sep 15, 2011 Hi Xénia
by: Michael

Great to hear from Sweden. Yes, it is cruel and unnecessary yet it makes a ton of money for the vets and they depend on it to make a living it seems, or that is what they think.

In Europe we find it hard to understand.

Thanks for visiting. There are many articles about declawing on this site:

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