I am sure he is a Maine Coon!

I am sure he is a Maine Coon!

by Joe Boyle
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Our cat, "ENZO", is a delight. He is a little bit crazy, loves playing in water, a great hunter, and after seeing this website I am sure he is a Maine Coon. We got him from the SPCA as an 8 week old kitten.

2 and a half years later he weighs about 7kgs, easily reaches to put his paws on the kitchen bench, is a constant source of amusement, shows dog like characteristics sometimes (likes following our daughter down the road to school and riding in the car). Everyone says he is so handsome and he is a real smoocher.


Hi Joe... thanks for visiting and commenting. There is the occasional purebred cat at a rescue center. But they are obviously pretty rare because purebreds are relatively rare and abandoned or relinquished purebred cats are rarer.

Without documents to prove pedigree (registration and recorded lineage with a cat association) you can't say a cat is a purebred.

He looks like a fine cat but he looks more like a good sized male classic tabby cat.

Tabby cats are commonly encountered at rescue centers because there are lots of tabby cats.

That is not to say that they aren't as special as any other cat - they are.

This page might help:

What Breed is My Cat.



I am sure he is a Maine Coon! — 2 Comments

  1. Maine Coon cats are known for their ‘M’ markings above their eyes. These markings are for predators as it makes them look as if their eyes are open when shut. Another sign is tuffs between the toes. Norwegian Forest cats are very similar to Maine Coons and often half-breeds are found at the SPCA of this cat.

    • Hi Alex. Thanks for the comment. You are incorrect, however, with respect to the M mark. This mark is not only seen on the Maine Coon or a breed of cat. It is the sign that the cat is a tabby cat. Tabby cats have a certain type of coat and is not breed specific. Tabby coats are seen in all kinds of cats including wild cats.

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