I am the proud caretaker of a sweet little moggy!

I am the proud caretaker of a sweet little moggy!

by Justine

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I rescued a sweet little kitten from the local shelter. I named her Church after the cat in "Pet Sematary", but she isn't a demon cat at all lol.

She is almost full grown now and only weighs about 7 pounds, and has a beautiful grayish brown and black spotted coat.She loves making new friends whenever I have people over, and enjoys playing "tag" with me.

She does however have some odd quirks. She likes to hide in the couch and wait for me to sit down, then swat at my behind.

She also really likes to bite my boyfriend, but its not usually hard. She also loves to run out of my apartment into the hallway, because she wants me to chase her!

She likes to watch TV with me, and sometimes decides I'm not clean enough by her standards and will lick me raw.

She really likes to pick up her toys and toss them, then chase them down, and she steals the cat teaser from me when we are playing and runs away.

She chases down bugs for me and kills them, which is great because I have an intense phobia.

Well I've gone on for too long..my little baby wants some attention!

Oh and one more thing, she has picked a favorite place to sleep, and its pretty odd!


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I am the proud caretaker of a sweet little moggy!

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Sep 05, 2010
So sweet
by: Joyce Sammons

Such a sweet kitty. It's really strange how we buy soft, fancy catbeds and they would rather lay in the sink or on a table or someplace else that's hard. Please keep us updated on Church. My cat Furby lists the movie as one of his favorite. LOL.

Sep 03, 2010
Basin cat!
by: Leah


Church is adorable she is a little baby isn't she? Lovely to hear your story hope to hear from you again.

Sep 03, 2010
by: Ruth

Hello Justine, Church is beautiful and sounds a little character and is obviously much loved by you. What a lovely unusual name too.

I'd love to see more photos of her closer up if you have any.

All of us here enjoy reading about other peoples cats and seeing their photos.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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