I am worried about toxins in the home affecting cats

I am worried about toxins in the home affecting cats because there is a recent story based on a scientific study (opens new window) that raises serious questions about the development of the brains of children being adversely affected by the presence of toxic chemicals in water, food, furniture, clothes and toys. The number of chemicals causing brain disorders has doubled to 12 since 2006 it is claimed.

These unseen and unsensed toxins such as lead (paint on toys), arsenic (drinking water), mercury (fish), PCBs (food and fish), fluoride (water), pesticides such as Chlorpyrifos and DDT – Chlorpyrifos remains one of the most widely used pesticides in U.S. agriculture – and flame retardants (in furniture).

It is feared that these nasty substances are behind the rise in “neurobehavioral problems” such as autism, ADHD, and dyslexia in kids.

Well, we know (a) the big chemical manufacturers don’t really care and they lobby governments to gain favor so they can go on poisoning us and (b) the domestic cat shares the same environment as kids and us in the home, drinks the same water, eats fish from time to time and is liable to eat food that contains chemicals because cat food manufacturers don’t really care either and if big business is unconcerned about children, what chance the cat?

Lead has the potential for being everywhere in toys and accessories. If something poisons us it can easily poison our cat. I have also written about the catalogue of chemicals in carpets.

The point I am making is that we don’t see it or smell it but it is there and it can affect us very severely. “It” is a chemical added to products in manufacture, production or growing because it makes the manufacturers more money.

I feel there are too many undiagnosed and difficult to diagnose maladies suffered by the domestic cat such as vague and dysfunctional immune responses and allergies that could well be caused by the same chemicals that increasingly affect our children in terms of behavior and cognition.

Perhaps doctors are over diagnosing these medical conditions in children. We are not sure. We need more work and companion animals should be in the loop.

Toxic to cats.

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I am worried about toxins in the home affecting cats — 2 Comments

  1. Me too Michael, it’s a constant worry in these days of so many chemicals and firms caring more about money than the effect of their products on animals and on people too.

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