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I decided to adopt the handicapped cat I sponsored at a Missouri shelter — 7 Comments

  1. Cupcake is gorgeous. She has luminous eyes, and looks gentle yet so vivacious. Cats are amazing

  2. Bless you all. Cats don’t know they’re supposed to be handicapped. The handicapable cats (and dogs) we’ve had over the years brought such love and joy to oue lives. I have 4 deaf ferals at this time. They don’t know they are missing out on anything.

  3. It could be she has a genetic defect in her spine if as you stated she is part Manx/Calico. God Bless You for Loving her because she is 24/7 long term care and can not be left with just any ordinary babysitter. You are an angel****

    Eva say’s

    • A few years after I adopted her, my vet had to take x-rays of her. He said that her back had been broken. In a way it was a “lucky” break because any different and she would have been paralyzed. The shelter took her in when she was one so she was very young when it happened. As far as she is concerned, there is nothing wrong with her. 🙂

      • We have a handicapped kitty named Sealy. He lost his ear to a car fan belt and it left him with brain damage. He thinks he’s perfectly normal. His appetite is what kept him alive.

        Cats don’t learn to complain the way we humans do. In a way I think they’re tougher than us.

        • Elisa, you are Sealy’s Mom?! I recently “met” Sealy on Facebook. He has the most mesmerizing eyes. I love black kitties. 🐾💜💜

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