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I don’t want to dress up my cat at Halloween. Why? — 25 Comments

  1. Hope to visit America someday during the Halloween season and understand what its all about.Have read lots of literature and seen films on the grand celebration of “HALLOWEEN” in U.S.A .Halloween actually coincides with “ALL SOULS DAY” celebrated by the Catholic community all over the World including India.In Catholic tradition graveyards where ancestors are buried are visited on “All Souls Day” which is on Sunday(2-11-2014).As for dressing your pet in a costume is definitely a case of humanizing your pet, something your pet cat or dog would actually be uncomfortable with.

  2. dressing up a cat only if the cat is comfortable in the dress, is okay but I myself have a straight opinion that nature has dressed up her with a natural beautiful coat. We don’t have to bother her anymore.

    • It makes me so mad when a poor cat is photographed, uncomfortably dressed up and the caption saying ‘Fluffy loves her new clothes’ when she obviously does not!

        • The thing is, to stop the abuse and exploitation of cats, people have to learn to respect them.
          Dressing them up for their own and other peoples amusement is not respecting them.
          Cats accept us as we are even though they must think we are crazy, walking on two legs, wearing clothes, sitting in tubs of water, going out in tin boxes on wheels etc etc
          We should accept them in return, as to who they are, they are not dollies to dress up, they are living beings in fur which is how they like to be.

          • Ruth, you have a pure approach to cat welfare. It is the way it should be. However, there aren’t that many people who have this attitude. Most people see cats through a filter of human emotional baggage. They colour their relationship with their cat with their own preferences and attitudes which leads to disrespecting the cat.

  3. I’ll do a kitty dress up for Halloween but it will be trick photography. I’ll be using kits from my CraftArtist by DaisyTrail. I can add hats and masks and pumpkins that look real but don’t stress out the cats.

    Sealy wouldn’t mind an outfit tho. He loves wearing soft flannel in the cold weather.

  4. I agree with you Ruth, I hate the way cats and dogs are used at this time of year, I hate to see Christmas outfits for animals in the supermarkets and pet shops, thankfully the Halloween rubbish isn’t quite so prevalent in England but why do humans have to foist their ideas of enjoyment onto animals, do cats care if it’s Halloween or Christmas? NO because they don’t even KNOW about such things. Why on Earth should they be manoeuvred into silly childish costumes and made fools of other than to contribute to human enjoyment, yes it gives them something to laugh at while the cat struggles in the witches hat or Santa costume, yes it gives them something to video to share on Facebook and YouTube so more people can laugh and say “Awwwww” and give thumbs ups, yes it gives the kids a giggle and the chance to lump the long suffering (declawed?) cat around like a living dolly, but what does the cat get out of it? Sweet FA!!!!! And what these people who think it’s “cool” or “cute” don’t get is that to the industries that manufacture this pap for pets to be bundled into is (to quote Jessie J’s song Price Tag) ♫ “It’s all about the money, money, money!” ♫ the more fools that cough up towards the US$350,000,000 this year, the more ridiculous animal clothing will hit the market next year, and the more cats and dogs will be forced to “celebrate” something they are not even aware of! I totally agree Ruth that the money spent on clothes for pets should be spent on food for desperate homeless animals.

  5. People who dress up their cats are simply idiots, cats don’t need stupid fancy clothes to be beautiful and it’s wrong to force them to wear clothes for the amusement of people.
    Those idiots need to spend the money they waste on fancy dress, on something useful, such as cat food, then to take a trip to some Rescue Shelters to donate it and do some good.
    I’m sick of the selfishness and stupidity of many of the human race, let them make fools of themselves if they wish to, but they should leave cats to enjoy their lives as cats, wearing only the fur they come in.

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