I feel sorry for this frightened cat trapped inside a baseball ground

Grey cat trapped baseball ground
Grey cat trapped in baseball ground
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The one good thing is that the players acted responsibly and gently towards this grey, stray cat, who looks a bit skinny, and who was clearly scared having found him/herself inside a baseball ground during a Miami Marlins match. The cat calls upon his athletism to get out: climbing up a multi-panel television display screen which must have been soft enough or irregular enough for the cat’s claws to grab hold.

The cat got out or I hope so. The commentator implored the referee to not try and pick up the cat. That may have been good advice because frightened cats can panic and scratch. However, sometimes scared cats can be submissive because they see a way out, a way to be saved. It was not a forgone conclusion that the cat would have scratched.

I surprises me that stray cats end up in the middle of matches. It happens in Europe too with football matches. The place is scary for a cat so why did she get himself into that situation in the first place?

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