I found a cat and children killed it

I found a cat and children killed it

by Teddy

I found a cat, almost dying, what you would call a typically stray cat. I took it home and loved it, something no one around here understood at all.

The kids around my place always harassed it whenever it went out of the house.

When that happened while I was around it would run back to the house or if I heard them I would get out and the kids would run away.

One time I came home and I couldn’t find it. One week went by, nothing, and another nothing.

So I thought it had gone somewhere to die or someone had stolen it. It was around one and a half years since I found it. But around 3 months after it had disappeared I was told that actually my cat had been killed by those kids while I was away.

On asking the kids who did it, they admitted beating it and piercing it, yes with a knife!

After that, I imagine it wasn’t actually dead, they threw it in a pit which is sort of a sewer.

I was so sad, when I look at pictures I have of it, it is quite painful to know how it died.

I now have a kitten its called Tia, the two are quite different.


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I found a cat and children killed it

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Jun 24, 2010
I found a cat and children killed it
by: Teddy

Hi Kathy,

Sad for the little dears.Just be happy that he trusts you. He must love you as much but may be just scared, may be past experience or something else. Poor Bill, I feel for him, may be one day Mr Grey will love him!

Your story has reminded me, after the disappearence of my cat,(she was called Catty), of how I would open the door expecting her to be outside waiting for me to open for her and imaginary cries at the door, only to open and she is not there. Or when coming from work, I would pray she is waiting, she would always be there waiting like I told her what time I’ll be coming home. When I had just found her, she’d get out of the house and disappear and couldn’t find her, and get worry that something may have happened to her. on seeing her it would be such a relief. I know that bad feeling. I am hopping one day he comes and stays. She was quite gentle, demanding sometimes, but a perfect cat. Tia, is totally different, she is quite playfull, she even makes me run after her, to her anything and everything is a toy to play with, even the big wild cats which seem like giants next to her. She even prefers playing to eating food.

I pray Mr Grey lives a long life.

Jun 22, 2010
by: kathy

People can be so cruel. I was crying about your story and many of the other stories on here that relate the animosities people do not just to cats but to all animals in the world. I was hoping after reading your story that you were not letting Tia outside, unless on a leash or in your companionship. Please do not let her outside unsupervised. PLEASE I dont want to read another sad story. I only let my cats out on our patio when we are with them. OUr Savannah walks on a leash. I know many people think this is cruel but we live in a cruel world. When the wild cat we were feeding Patches never came back one day I was so sad. I didnt want to drive on the roads for fear of seeing her dead. The wild one I feed now, Mr Grey seems very worldly. No one can quit get near him. Even though I cant get by him or pet him I still am strangly very attached to him. The other day it was late before he came to eat and I was almost in tears wondering where he was. I still fear one day he wont be out there. I will be very sad. Even though he belongs to no one I know there is an invisible attachment between him and I. He will only eat food that I offer him. He runs away from my neighbor Bill who loves all animals also. His feelings are quit hurt that Mr Grey will not eat his food. I can only pray for him everyday and I wonder where he is all day. He eats and leaves. God watch over all the wild animals.

Jun 22, 2010
I found a cat and children killed it
by: Teddy

Thank you Maggie,

I didn’t know about the name, nice, going to look it up. I found a name before i found the owner, when my first cat was killed, i missed it so much and i knew i had to get another cat and i thought Tia was the name i should give it. I wanted a female cat but when i got the cat, i was told that it was male, it was so cute i couldn’t refuse it so i named it Tia anyway. But as it grew, i realised it was female, i was so happy and was like, yes, perfect name.


Jun 20, 2010
by: Maggie Sharp

Teddy, having read your story and comment, I feel like bursting into to tears for you and your cats. I live in Australia, and here people absolutely adore their cats and other animals, of course, there are those dysfunctional people who abuse and neglects cats here, as there is everywhere.

Children killing the cats is a sick and quite frightening thing, if those children are not taught to respect and care for animals now, I assume they may be the same for the rest of their lives.

Carrying on from what Michael and Ruth were saying in regard to declawing, I might add that a lot of Americans are actually turning vegan these days, what I find strange though, is that they will stop eating animals to prevent the cruel slaughter methods, but they won’t say anything to help prevent the abuse and torture that cats go through every single day from the declaw procedure.

Please, never take your eyes off Tia, to me it just seems way too risky… Tia is a beautiful name by the way, it’s the name of an Ancient Egyptian Princess if I’m correct. =)

Jun 19, 2010
Thank you for the kind comments
by: Anonymous

Thank you Micheal and Ruth. For the first time actually, someone else has felt the same way i did on finding out what had happeed to my cat. was told “its just a cat at least if it was a dog”, depressing. I am now always making sure Tia is safe whenever she is out of the house. Cats in UK and US i should say are have a better life. Around here, people think it is quite hillarious to buy for a cat food, wash it and give it a special place to sleep. Cats around here are supposed to hunt and eat rats, period and stay out of the house. Same treatment goes for dogs. people keep animals at home and do not give them food, can you imagie that! vertime see a kitten or a puppy i just feel sad beause of the life it will live.

This site is great, was searching about cats when i found it. Thanx

Jun 19, 2010
To Teddy
by: Ruth

Teddy I am so sorry, it must be dreadful to live in a place where children can kill an animal for fun and it is just accepted as nothing important.

You are obviously a kind and compassionate person and there must surely be more like you there as there are good and bad in every country.

As Michael says, millions of cats are killed in the USA on admission to ‘Shelters’ a lot of them declawed cats whose owners should never have had a cat in the first place.

Also as he says,here in the UK people can be prosecuted for cruelty to animals, yet our new Prime Minister wants to bring back hunting with dogs, which was banned years ago.

Children went on these hunts too and saw foxes ripped apart by hounds trained to chase and kill them.

While people enjoy killing any animals at all for fun, wild or domesticated, what chance has the world got of being the beautiful place it was supposed to be !

Teddy, keep Tia safe and stay as you are, a kind and compassionate person and I hope some of your kindness can influence others one day.

I too dislike this world, well not the world as such, but some of the people in it fill me with despair.

All we can do is our best to help those we are able to, people and animals.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jun 18, 2010
A first
by: Michael

Hi Tedddy, yours is the first story from Uganda on this website. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

However, I found your story extremely depressing. It tells us what life can be like for a domestic or stray cat in places other than Europe or the USA.

It seems that life is harsher for a cat there and that is saying something because over 2 million cat are killed each year in the USA in so called “shelters”.

When I read your story I dislike the world and cannot understand it. Why would children take pleasure in killing a cat? It seems that these children are psychologically damaged. In the UK they would be prosecuted (if they were of sufficient age) and their actions would be a crime.

Thanks for telling us this story but it does me no good.

Michael Avatar

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