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I Gave My Cat A Bath

I Gave My Cat A Bath

by Maggie Sharp
(Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)


This is in response to the page "How to wash a cat" the same day that was published I took Chilli for a walk in his walking jacket, it was cold outside so we went back in and sat on my bed, Chilli fell asleep so I admired his beautiful ticking, and that's when I saw these little black specks in his fur... Dirt?

Yes, that's what I thought it was, so I kept looking and wondered why there was only dirt in one section, and that's when I saw a black insect moving on his skin.

I called my grandmother (who has owned more cats than you can count!) and she told me about her Aby, Spooky (not around anymore, died from a snake bite about 10 years ago...) she said that Spooky used to always go outside, and once she noticed that he was itching in his ears a lot so she took him to the vet, the vet said that Spooky had rabbit fleas (they don't jump, but they form clusters on the cat) the first thing the vet did was bath him, and the fleas went.

Spooky used to get so many fleas on him that in the end grandma was bathing him once a week, and he loved it!

So I took her advice and filled up a sink with about 10cm of warm water and placed Chilli in there, at first he didn't like it at ALL, but he didn't try to scratch, he didn't even meow... I poured water over him using a small cup and then I used this stuff called 'FLEA-DI' (a flea shampoo) and rubbed it all over him (avoiding the face area) then I poured more water over him and ensured that ALL the shampoo was gone... Then I put him in a big warm towel and dried him off. He was such a good boy, but spent about 10 minutes (without a break) licking himself. I checked him for fleas, and they were all gone... It worked like a charm...

I've also learnt that it's okay to bath cats, but you should only do it with at least an interval of 7 days, to ensure that the natural oils in the fur can reform. That the washing machine is really unnecessary. Your cat feels so soft and silky afterwards.

I probably won't bath Chilli again, it just doesn't seem necessary for anyone to bath a pet cat, unless it's got fleas, is going to a show, or has been advised by a vet for any sort of reason...


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I Gave My Cat A Bath

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Mar 01, 2010 Vinegar
by: Joyce Sammons

Maggie, I've used raw apple cider vinegar mixed 50/50 with water in a spray bottle. Fleas don't like it and it treats skin conditions and leaves the coat silky. Plus if he licks it off thats ok. The smell doesn't linger long. My daughter is the cat bather. I'm not that brave. I do believe it can be a pleasant experience for both of you

Feb 28, 2010 Be careful about uneccessary bathing
by: Kathryn

Quote from reliable source(the handbook of a professional cat groomer I know):

'You must never bath a cat unless it has first been pre-groomed, especially long haired cats. Any knots and tangles will only tighten up when put into water, making the fur totally unmanageable. Also there really is no need to bath a cat, if the coat has been thoroughly and correctly groomed the natural oils in the cats coat will always give it a shiny lustre.

Groom cleaning cats coats has outstanding results. It takes time and effort but the final outcome is well worth it. No need for unnecessary bathing and drying procedures for your cat!'

My cats love their daily grooming sessions because from being kittens I've made it a 'fun time' They have beautiful coats and no fleas.

Bathing cats is stressful to them and nowadays there are plenty of flea treatments you can buy from your vet which your cat hardly notices you applying.

Bathing cats is outdated and unkind and should only be done if the cat's fur has something on it which can't be removed any other way.

Feb 28, 2010 Some advice against fleas
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Years ago we had serious flea problems, so I too have been through the proces of bathing. I think the advice Maggie gave elsewhere sums it up quite well: You've got to be quick and thorough, yet gentle.

Also I recommend wearing gardening gloves or something like that AND some clothing that protects your arms like a denim jacket. Hopefully the cat don't panic, but in case it does, you need to be protected...

For years now we have had no fleas at all - that scouge ended completely after we started using Program Vet, which our cats are given once a month. Program does not kill fleas - instead it prevents the flea larvas from developing into fleas. It has no side effects as far as I know.

I usually would not praise any commercial product, but Program offers a great relief that some may never have heard of. The name may be different where you live, but the active ingredient is called Lufenuron.

Feb 28, 2010 Inspired
by: Michael

Maggie, you have inspired me to try and give my lady cat a bath. She has a dense double coat but fleas like it! And as she pops outside daily for a little stroll she picks them up. We have foxes around here too, which probably helps to transmit them.

Anyway, I have a feeling that a bath may help her coat condition generally and also to control those bloody fleas.

My other cat Charlie has a single coat and you can get flea comb through it very easily. But fleas don't like it as it is too thin. I comb him each day and he loves it (it is like cat massage to him). I hardly ever see a flea these days, though.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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