I Got My Bengal Cat Back

I Got My Bengal Cat Back

by Kathy
(Grayslake, Ill)

I recently got my bengal cat back. i went through a divorce and certain changes in my life that required me to give up all my pets – this was in 1994. i now am in the process of getting my life back together and in that process god gave me back one of my bengal cats. i had been raising them and loved all my cats. this one a couple of my friends had given him a home along with two other of my cats. the woman went blind and passed away about a year ago.

when my son’s cat passed away (she hated other cats) someone reminded me about my cat at my friends house. i was afraid to go over there because i thought he’d be dead like the other two. i went over there and there he was down in my friends basement all dirty with an eye infection. i took him and gave him a bath and treated his eye and he is the joy of my life.

right now he is the prince that he was intended to be. he has a story behind him. he was taken by the animal cops two times because of the deplorable conditions at my friend’s house because of her blindness. even though she loved her animals she somehow managed to get him back. i’m sure he has truly used up his nine lives. i am extremely grateful to have him back.

i thought i’d never see any of my cats ever again. it truly is a miracle. now i can give him the love he deserves. i buy him all the best of everything and when i am upset about something he comes and lays next to my head. he has his own pillow right next to mine. he is a snow marble and now he is back to his beautiful self. i will never give him up now no matter what. he is the most important thing in my life right now next to my two sons and they two love him.

he has become extremely spoiled and i am glad now he can live out his life in happiness and i want him to be as happy as he makes me. thank you god for giving him back to me


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I Got My Bengal Cat Back

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Jan 31, 2012 my Lia NEW
by: Kathy W

Lia is just kicking back enjoying the good life. H e is so bonded and faiuthful to me, when Im home he never leaves my side. I also have a Savannah female and those teo are also bonded and love each other very much. They grrom each other and sleep together with me of course. Lia is getting up there in years, hes about 15 but hes in good health and seems never to get sick. He has one bad eye now but I clean it every day. He is my faithful companion and I tell him every day how much I love him and he just sits and listens. He loves it when I talk to him and tell him how beautiful he is. I belive I did post a pic of him on here once. Its been a while though.

Jan 08, 2012 I Got My Bengal Back
by: Patty

Hi Kathy,

I was very happy when I read you were able to get at least one of your cats back. And it sounds like this one really needed to be back “Home” again with you, so he will get the love and care he needs.

I’m sure your friend didn’t mean to neglect him, but it sounds like she has some major health issue’s to deal with herself. I also have a friend who has M.S. and can no longer take her dog outside, so the dog just goes in the house wherever she wants now. I’m trying to get her to at least get her potty trained on those mats they have for puppies, instead of on the carpet. Needless to say she has been evicted from every apartment she has lived in because of the dog. I’m hoping that she will call one of the “professional” dog trainers I got cards from while at the pet store, to help train her to go on the mat. If not she will just be evicted again.

My Banjo is doing just great, even though he has two heart problems. Since he is the youngest he constantly wants to “play” with the others. They don’t want any part of him, so I have to put him in “check” every now and then. He is trained that when I put my opened hand out in front of him, it means to not chase the other one’s.

I’d love to see a picture of your bengal if you have one. I’ll try and put some new picture’s of Banjo on also.

Have A Great Day!

Patty Cake (A.K.A.)

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