I had a cat eaten by a bobcat when it stayed outside

I had a cat eaten by a bobcat when it stayed outside

by Diana

Bobcat picture added by Michael (Admin) - photo by Beth Sargent

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Bobcat picture added by Michael (Admin) - photo by Beth Sargent

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One night I was on my computer and went to my back porch because I heard a screeching noise. At first I thought it was my cat. So I called it inside my house before I realised that it was a bobcat.

It jolted away as fast as it could. Then I noticed that it was a golden color, pointy ears, and very large. I told my young daughter and she said it was most likely to be a bobcat.

So I started looking up pictures and video's about bobcats. It looked exactly like an upstate new york bobcat.

I had a cat eaten by a bobcat when it stayed outside.

Your website was very helpful. Thank You.


Hi Diana.. Thanks for sharing. I didn't realise that the bobcat sometimes attacks domestic cats and eats them! Or is that unusual? Are bobcats a problem to cat owners generally in the USA? I have not heard that. Coyotes seem to be more of a risk to outdoor cats.

I changed the title and took the words direct from you post. I hope you don't mind.

See the photographer's home page on Flickr.

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I had a cat eaten by a bobcat when it stayed outside to Wild Cat Species

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I had a cat eaten by a bobcat when it stayed outside

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Feb 15, 2011 Bobcat Attacks
by: Bob Tucker

I live in an area of the U.S. where there are lots of Bobcats around and their numbers are increasing as there are not many natural predators these days to control their numbers.

They will attack and kill domestic cats but I have never known of this happening in all my many years experiences with many domestic, stray and feral cats but I have had some disappear for unknown reasons.

This may be more of a terroritorial thing rather than for food. The wild cat depends on it's terroritory for survival and will defend it. I have never heard of one eating a cat. Usually the meat eaters don't eat each other but I suppose if the animal is hungry enough, it will eat about anything. I am most worried about losing my pets to stray dogs and have lost some to foxes. I recently had to uthanize a cat because of an attack by two dogs.

There are a few folks around that have Bobcats for pets, probably raised from kittens. I would love to have one but it probably wouldn't work out to well with all my bunch of cats at the Critter Farm.

Jan 26, 2010 just another reason
by: kathy

Here is just another reason to keep your kitties indoors. Unless they are on a leash or under close supervision. I had Lia outside once last summer with me. He loves to go out and inspect all the yards. When the neighbor behind us let their dog out and it came charging up to the fence Lia ran as fast as he could straight out into the road. Thank God we live in a dead end road and no car was coming. He was running so fast I dont think a car would have seen him.

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