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I Had My Cat De-clawed Instead of Put To Sleep — 10 Comments

  1. I wonder what the situation is with that poor cat now, if the original article was written in 2012 chances are the cat is dead by now anyway, or in a shelter (same end!) or on the streets, if she was already biting then I can’t see that she’d be biting less after having her toe ends amputated and there is clearly no compassion for her in that household. On the other hand she might still be a crippled prisoner, in pain, forced to sit there all day long with no means of exercise. My heart aches for her and all the other abused cats that are OWNED by people who have no interest in their physical or mental welfare and merely see them as property to be modified to fit their requirements.

    • Yes, thanks for sharing that. What is almost certain, but I’d like to know, is that the woman mishandled the cat in some way. It is bound to be the person’s fault. I can say that with confidence because cats only attack for a good reason.

    • Declaw or kill the cat?
      What a dilemma.
      Pretty much like cut the tongue out of my foul mouthed son or shoot him in the head.

      • Well said Dee! Anyone who would either declaw or kill a cat shouldn’t be allowed within ten miles of any cat.
        It is absolutely outrageous that some vets will mutilate and cripple cats on behalf of cruel idiots like that!

  2. This is very informative post. I have cat and my son gets clawed often too and I did not have any idea to stop it. But your post gives me a chance to have the issue addressed. I don’t want him to be away from his favorite pet and this would really help him.

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