I hated cats. I detested them. Then I got a cat.

Scooter is such an adorable cat. She does not have the use of her hind legs but as usual she copes beautifully, gets around actively and has completely charmed her human companion in changing his worldview, as he says. He has quite a few names for her. Perhaps the first name is ‘Scoot’ followed by variants of it. This is pretty much what I do with my cats. Or at least I used to. It just depends on my mood.

I have tried to find out what happened to this guy’s mental processes to try and give me some insights into why he changed his mind. I can’t find the article but I guess that I can guess what happened. Scoot is adorable and there is something inspirational about her as she completely ignores her disability and clearly thoroughly enjoys life in her loving home. She is uplifting. That’s got to make you feel better. She is entertaining and she is loving. That, too, has got to make you feel better. And in feeling better you change your mind about domestic cat because they are so beneficial.

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