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I have a dozen varieties of cat food. Do you? — 17 Comments

  1. My cats eat very well.,canned mixed with dry,cooked chicken livers,gizzards-ground venison,lots of meat scraps.mackeral,salmon,sucker fish.I always have 2 varieties of canned and 3 of dry.yes i spend more on them than me.

  2. Many flavor varieties here but stick with only 2 brands.
    Introducing a new brand always has consequences that involve cleanups.
    I know pretty much all likes and dislikes here. Some prefer poultry, others prefer fish; no one will eat beef.

    • I admire you for keeping track of so many cats Dee, it must cost you a fortune in cat food too, we spend more on only our two boyz than we do on ourselves.

      • Like you, R.
        It’s all about the cats and trying to keep balance. Having an ill cat that may have special needs throws a huge wrench into the works. It’s a rework, rework all of the time.
        Sometimes my brain feels dry from thinking and calculating, so I have to throw it a jigger of scotch now and then.

    • Introducing a new brand always has consequences that involve cleanups.

      Does that mean pooping in the wrong place?

      I also find that beef is the least popular although Charlie liked it. I think it is the strength of flavoring.

    • Haha yes the ‘beef’. There must be surplus piles in the UK and the U.S.
      All mass produced cat food smells the same to me. Only difference is in expensive premium ones, which don’t contain all the horrid smelly bad ingredients, which are more pleasant smelling.

  3. Walter and Jozef like a variety as you can see lol
    The cupboard underneath that one is stocked with boxes to top up from.
    Pink for smooth, purple for jelly and green for gravy.
    Both cats like some foods, but they each have their own favourites too.
    Walter has to have high protein low fat now and our lovely vet Sarah spent time checking all the labels and approving the food we buy because the special diet food is £1.55 a tin! Thankfully she’s not one of those vets who pushes sales for profit and said what we feed our cats is equally as good for them.

    • I don’t believe that photo 😉 . I am very impressed. My God I have not seen that before.

      That said if you open my kitchen cupboards you’ll see wall to wall cat food and a tin of bake beans!

      It is a cat restaurant.

    • Gosh such lucky kitties. It’s like the best restaurant in the the best land. They must lick their lips in anticipation.
      Organisation of military precision, you should be very proud! So far I just separate the rabbit ones out from the multi boxes for ‘later on’.

  4. I totally agree here about variety spicing things up to keep our kitties lives interesting as I’m sure they get bored with things, as we do. I just hate to see waste though and as Tiger Lily always leaves a few morsels in her bowl I got curious when she first came to live with me as to what she would eat….she was so fussy at the beginning, only fish flavours and only Felix. Which is still her No1 fav brand, alas.
    I am the most unfussy eater so when Tiger Lily came along I was eager to please her as I can’t understand why anyone, animal or human can pick at their food when they’re clearly hungry! So I’m on a quest to find the perfect quality food that she adores.
    I have tried mixing up Felix with premium organic brands, also in her beloved fish flavour. I do try to put a tinny weeny bit of quality cat food in with the Felix. I managed a few weeks back to get her to eat almost a whole bowl of Lily’s Organic Kitchen Fish without mixing it. At the end of that week her coat changed from looking dusty and lacklustre to shiny and silky. Wow. But again, alas, the following day she wouldn’t touch the premium, expensive Lily’s Kitchen and now I have a whole stack of them in my pantry! I’ll try again as I’m so keen to give her quality now she’s 10 years or older.
    I think these cheaper, (and with worrying ingredients) are great for convenience, it’s just that the quality is questionable sadly.
    I assume that if anyone’s kitty is brought up on a certain brand then the kitty will probably prefer this in its life time to a better quality or home produced meals.
    That’s how I discovered this fantastic website really. I was about to get a shelter dog but Tiger Lily needed a home instead and I’d been researching ‘raw feeding for dogs via a wonderful blog called ‘Rawmeatybones’, (if anyone’s interested to learn from their educational site, that it is also like this one, in being constructed from the knowledge of many other pet owners who want the absolute best for their furry friends. Giving all the tips via feedback to people’s questions).
    I do think dogs are a whole lot easier to re-condition into eating raw meats…cats just aren’t able to take on such a challenge sadly, although some people seem to easily transfer their kitties onto the raw meat/fish diet. I just can’t see my fluffy Tiger Lily doing that unless it consists only of fresh prawns + their heads. (Which I discovered by accident as she did tuck in to a bowl of ‘just eaten’ fresh shelled prawns the summer after first getting her. But doesn’t like fresh fish at all….grrrrrr
    Anyway I digress. I do think each kitty cat has such an individual character that their tastes go along with that so its all trial and error. I’m certain variety is key, so they don’t get bored or too fat! Also saving the favourite food for times when they’re ill or going to the cattery.
    Mixing up the brands has definitely helped Tiger Lily to lose half a kilo, and as the vet had said she was almost 1 kilo over (unbelievably I couldn’t comment-she’s got so much long fur-and has had 2 or more homes before mine-and lays about all day inside).
    Her favourite is the rabbit flavoured Felix, senior type or chunks in jelly. Is also crazy for the treats such as ‘Dreamies’.
    I really love trying out different brands but Felix and the ghastly Whiskers (any flavour) are her faves. I do know exactly when I serve whatever it is. Luckliy for Tiger Lily I can remember roughly when she had it.
    Zooplus stock so many quality products so one day I’m sure Tiger Lily will find her perfect brand.
    I live in hope….

    • Wow, Suzy you’re into cat food as much as I am or more 😉 .

      I just hate to see waste though

      I agree this comment of yours. Unfortunately there is waste at mon restaurant parce que mon client is picky.

      I think I make him picky in my effort to please by which I mean give him some fresh before he has finished the first lot.

      If a cat is genuinely hungry he’ll eat the whole lot and sometimes my cat prefers old food that is about to be thrown away.

      I tend to a bit stricter these days and not try too hard to please him but I do know what food he prefers and sort of ration it a bit so he does not normalise it.

      We have to be careful about being overly keen to please as if we are parents of a baby.

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