I have a Turkish Angora cat from Ankara

I have a Turkish Angora cat from Ankara

by Sanem

PAMUK - Ankara Cat - photo copyright Sanem.

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PAMUK - Ankara Cat - photo copyright Sanem.

I am from Ankara, the capital of Turkey and I have an Ankara cat. We call them "Ankara cats". She is pure white with green eyes and is very beautiful and intelligent.

I don't have a pedigree chart, but my vet yas it is definitely an Ankara cat. She is 12 years old now. Her name is Pamuk.

Turkish Angora cat living in Turkey
PAMUK -- A slightly lighter picture showing how beautiful she is
- photo copyright Sanem.

Some more pictures recently received:

Turkish Angora cat living in Turkey
White Turkish Angora Cat - photo copyright Sanem.

Turkish Angora cat living in Turkey
White Turkish Angora Cat - photo copyright Sanem.

Turkish Angora cat living in Turkey
White Turkish Angora Cat - photo copyright Sanem.

Here, in Turkey we tell the Van cats and the Ankara cats apart by their face shapes. Ankara cats have faces shaped like wedges, Van cats have rounder faces.

Ankara cats have smaller ears and Van cats have bigger ears. Ankara cats don't like water or swimming. My Pamuk is very smart. She eats what she likes, not what you give her. She calls me before she uses her litterbox, and after she has used it she calls me again and gets me to clean it.

She hates dirt. She never lets me groom her fur and tries to bite me. But I think she does better herself, because she never has a hair out of place.

Pamuk never touches anything that you don't give to her. You can leave her alone with meatballs, chicken or fish. She doesn't even take a look.

She learns very easily. For example, I prefer her to stay out of my son's room and she knows this and sits at the door and stays there. From time to time she wants to go in and takes a step but I just say her name and she gives up.

Pamuk is also very courageous. I have another cat, Miço. He is somewhat aggressive and tends to have anger fits. When Miço has an anger fits even I stay away from him because he scratches terribly. But Pamuk puts herself between us and Miço and tries to defend us. She is a heroine.

When I looked at the pictures of Turkish Angora cats above, I thought that nobody in my country would believe that they are Ankara cats. First of all, they are colourful, we (ordinary people I mean) accept only the pure whites as Ankara cats. Our streets are full of cats like the ones in your pictures.

No matter what their fur color or eye color or breed, I just adore cats.

In the picture Pamuk is with my sister and niece.


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I have a Turkish Angora cat from Ankara

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May 30, 2011 tail
by: carol-ann

yes that would put pics up of the tail.bet it is long and fluffy.Turkish Angora Cats are so beautiful.

May 29, 2011 Thanks
by: Sanem

I am happy that people like Pamuk. Right now I am moving house , but in a few days I think I will be able to send Pamuk pictures showing her beautiful tail and mane.

May 29, 2011 Beautiful Cat
by: Adnan

Merhaba Sanem

My wife tells me to see your very beautiful cat on Pictures of Cats. She likes especialy the green eyes. I agree. We like very much the character of your cat Pamuk that you said. We wish to ask you questions about your cat. Please to write to our email adres anadolu@inbox.com. Thank you!

May 27, 2011 Photos
by: Michael

Thanks for the extra photos which I added to this page.

For me, PAMUK looks better than any of the carefully bred Turkish Angoras of America or the UK. She looks more natural. She is a beautiful cat.

May 26, 2011 your cat
by: carol-ann gillies

thank you so much.

May 26, 2011 more pictures of Pamuk
by: Anonymous

Yes, I have more pictures and better ones. I will upload them this evening.:)

May 26, 2011 your cat
by: carol-ann gillies

hello there wanted to ask do you have anymore pics.It reminds me of my cat used to have 2 white one male one female.They were rescue cats from Skye in Scotland.thanks.

May 26, 2011 Great Article
by: Michael

Hi Sanem, thanks for visiting and contributing. I love the article because it is first hand information from the home of the Turkish Angora and Turkish Van. It is unusual to hear from Turkey. This is much more "real" for me.

I have another post from Turkey:

First we should know what Turkish Turkish Angoras look like, which shows the same white cat with a "normal shape" in Turkey and a very beautiful cat. The Turkish Angora looks different in Turkey to those in America.

Here is a nice post from Lisa James on the Van and Angora.

Michael Avatar

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