I have an adoptable FeLV 4 month old kitten named Stevie

by Sandy
(Avenel, New Jersey )

I have a history of rescuing and helping animals. A woman who owns the Popeyes Restaurant in Linden, New Jersey found little Stevie in the parking lot in pouring down rain on a chilly evening when she was barely 4 weeks old.

The woman had no experience with kittens and while at Petsmart trying to find out what to do she ran into my friend Kim who contacted me. They brought me Stevie who I knew needed medicine and immediate supplemental care.

She was very small, herpes virus already took the sight in one of her eyes but I was able to save the other eye. She stayed quite small for a while, like a good month, but her will and spunk was someting to admire to say the least.

She always ate good and her poops were good and then she started to thrive and she actually caught up to her size of about 2 in a half months then and had extra weight on her.

Then she caught a mild cold but when she wasn’t responding to Clavamox after 5 days and then developed a fever I of course rushed her to the vet. She still had good weight, weighing about 3.3 pounds and while she was put on a stronger antibiotic, Azythromycin, she tested postitive for leukemia during an Office Snap test.

The vet, who is a good one, stated that may be the reason why she was having trouble fighting off a simple cold and slow growth in the beginning. After medicating her and a lots of rest and supplemental care, she started to get better and put some weight back on, but recently she has again lost weight and is not eating as much.

She does not have a cold at this point and has good energy at times but I think being quarantined in a Condo cage is starting to depress her. She is a GREAT and extremely LOVING little black kitten named after Stevie Nicks because she is a little Diva herself. I wanted to give her a chance to try and getter better and stronger and then wanted to find her the best home possible.

I have cats and even though a couple have been exposed to the virus because of her, they were able to fight it off because they are adult cats and of good health and weight but it did hit my cat Jesse like a ton of bricks before he got better with Veterinary care of course. Stevie is a fighter and wants to live and needs love. I hope you can help. Thanks for listening.


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I have an adoptable FeLV 4 month old kitten named Stevie

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Sep 17, 2011
Dangers attendant upon not quaranteening new additions
by: Grahame

I was moved by your compassion and concern for Cat Stevie. Your case illustrates a real dilemma for those wanting to help poor hapless strays. I feel that one’s very first obligation is to cats already in the home. Your case illustrates as well the dangers of bringing in cats whose leukaemia and immuno-deficient status are unknown. Now, in consequence, your in-place cats are also at grave risk.

Now, if your cats run free, they might well encounter these terrible viri “in the wild”. Indoor cats are at minimal risk unless and until infected cats are brought into the home. Yes, there is a risk of bringing in viri on shoes or clothing, but bringing in a cat whose status for these viri is unknown is really unfair to ones own cats.

You obviously have a good heart and love cats, but the thing, alas, speaks for itself.

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